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25 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Arrow in360news t

25 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Arrow in360news t


25 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Arrow

13 Was the Arrow Bent?

15 Was the Pizza Box Open or Closed?

14 What's a Teraflop of Data?

25 Which Hand Was Oliver Holding the Glass in?

... called Sara's phone after she captured her mother and Sara presumably answered it and told Nyssa to stop. Most of the time, cell phone screens don't ...

The CW Television Network is home to a lot of popular TV shows. Named The CW due to its parent organizations CBS and Warner Bros., the network was created ...

20 Switching Hands and Suddenly Appearing Scars

11 What Was Barry Doing the Day the Particle Accelerator Was Turned On?

7 Did Oliver and Thea Go to Central City for Coffee?

4 Where Did Malcolm Learn He'd Lost His Wife?

Whenever someone performs a stunt in a television show or movie, there are safety precautions in place. However, viewers aren't supposed to be able to see ...

3 Defibrillator Pads Don't Go There

19 Why Wasn't Oliver Next to His Motorcycle?

When Oliver first arrived on Lian Yu, Yao Fei began training him and it didn't go so well at first. In season 1 episode 5, during one such lesson, ...

Everyone knows that Sara was recast between the pilot and season 2, however, what some fans might not have noticed was that her hair color changed; ...

6 What Happened to Oliver's Wound?

26 Cameraman In Duel Club

8 Was Lance Planning to Fight an Army With Legislation?

21 There Was Already An Arrow in the Car

18 Did Slade Pick up the Radio or Not?

10 Where Was the Merlyn Mansion?

Harry thought he had been transported to the Ministry when he saw Mr. Weasley being attacked by Nagini, and while that wasn't the case, he certainly seems ...

Batman Was Just Pretty Much Confirmed To Exist In The Arrowverse

When news of Oliver's return broke in the pilot, so did news that Robert Queen didn't make it home. In the report, it was listed that Robert's birth year is ...

24 Thresh's Demise

6 Wormtail's Confused Hands

Wait, so what happens in the future?

21 Ron's Sudden Hair Change

The Young adult genre took off in full steam by the mid-2000s. It was first boomed into popularity thanks To Harry Potter and the Philosopher's release in ...

Twilight Zone Revival Sets John Cho Jason Tremblay & Allison Tolman to Star

16 Tris' Quick Healing

The Harry Potter films opted for sensationalism over novel continuity many times in the later movies, but this was really just a huge mistake on the ...

15 Dudley's Change Of Clothes

22 Edward's Inconsistent Sparkling

18 The Miraculous Black Eye Healing

2 Katniss' Televised Hallucination

Hermione isn't really interested in flying broomsticks and it shows in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone's flying lesson.

4 George's Magical Writing

Like Katniss' personality, her hair seems to have a fiery mind of its own. During the interview scene with Caesar Flickerman, Katniss' hair demonstrates how ...


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I couldn't tell you how many times she has hit me with her ice

ya know now that I'm thinking about it I never really disliked him I

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So many wonderful moments with Stan came spontaneously. As we were setting up the camera one day, he casually started talking about his fans .

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DANG, this is awesome. Check out the website to see more More Fanart Harry

14 The Bomb-Immune House

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This is simultaneously a mistake and a conscious decision by the filmmakers. It's also your fault for not picking this up because it should be obvious.

Charlotte Rae passes away at age 92 after cancer battle

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20 Divergent Universe's Water

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25 Mastered All Forms Of Bending

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Chandler Riggs was surprised that Andrew Lincoln was leaving the show When Carl Grimes died in Season 8 of AMC's The Walking Dead, TV viewers and comic book ...

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Dancing with the Stars contestant and Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch is supporting the launch of

According to its official score on Rotten Tomatoes, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

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They are guarded by other Avatars and learn from their triumphs and mistakes. This connection can run even deeper, though.

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