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5 things you absolutely must have on your sales page Copywriting

5 things you absolutely must have on your sales page Copywriting


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5 Things You Need on Your Work With Me Page to Make the Price Irrelevant

Do you need to create a sales page for your online course? Click here for

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How to Write a Persuasive Sales Page: A Beginner's Guide

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How to convince people to buy your product. Business Tips · Business Sales ...

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How to write landing page copy that converts like crazy (even if it's your first time)

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4 Persuasive Sales Copywriting Techniques to be a More Effective Copywriter — Starting Today!

A Simple Guide to Writing Website Copy That Converts

Copywriting Mistakes

Have you ever wondered what these legendary copywriters like Joseph Sugarman know, that you don't?

In other words, you don't have to start from square one or reinvent the wheel.

Feeling a tad overwhelmed by tons of copywriting tips? Start with these 6 critical techniques

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What's the Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

Guide to Copywriting. The visitors to your website have ...

In the first test, sales pages were identical except for one thing – one had an image above the fold (left) and the other had a video (right):

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Have You These 4 Essential Elements in Your Sales Page?

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This landing page is having an identity crisis, and that's not helping conversions. Image source. The call to ...

Call To Action. The difference between a sales pages ...

Copywriting For Authors With Joanna Wiebe

... Get The ClickBank® Guide To Copywriting 2018. So stop punishing yourself, ok?

This picture shows how Write with Influence uses an optimized sales page to convert more visitors

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Landing Page Click Through Rate

Random crap I found #2:

Explore online tutorials, videos and training materials to help you along the way, like my fully-immersive industry content marketing course.


In a podcast I did a few weeks ago, GhostwriterDad Sean Platt said something that really stuck with me about how writers can beat the recession:

If you're selling something on your landing page, make your price front-and-center. Image source.

A 5-Step Checklist for Choosing the Best Instructional Copywriting Program for You

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There's a clear disconnect between the above ad and its landing page. Image Source.

Webinar on Copywriting CTA

Click to see the full thing.

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Download our FREE SEO Keyword Research Starter Kit

rsz_395919628_29ff534954_o. Is your landing page ...

Connect with your customers' desires

10 Things You Can Do Today to Start a Lifestyle Business (Even if You Have

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5 Situations That Demand You Hire a Professional Copywriter

Before we built this page, Alethea was getting responses from her website—but many of the people who reached out weren't a good fit for her services.

It's an essential part of copywriting that doesn't always get the attention that it deserves. It's one area of writing where people get lazy, ...

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