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About Those Home Projects Encouragement from TheMomCafecom

About Those Home Projects Encouragement from TheMomCafecom


Ten Character Traits of a Woman of Faith

Santa Is Mindful Too

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Hope

A unique and #inspiring #parenting #story about one #kid giving away his

A message from A Stay at home mom to Working Parents this New School Year Parenting

The Day I Failed as a Mother

A Life Well Lived- Living With Intention and Purpose

Encouragement For The Weary Woman

About Those Home Projects

Fresh Hope for the Aching Soul Immanuel, God with us. #encouragement #Christ

To The Mom Who Feels Hopeless and Helpless I Have A Message For You

A Mother's Prayer For Back To School Parenting our kids with a faithful heart. #

3 Vital Reasons to Manage the "Yes's" in Your Life

A Christian Book That Offers Comfort and encouragement to the woman who never stops.

Helping Your Child Navigate Difficult Friendships- The Pot Stirrer

Welcome To The Simplified Life

That Dirty Rag of #Discouragement If you are feeling the weight of the world and

Tiny Studio's – Simplifying Work

Simplified Office: The Basics

One Word For The Year: Worthy

Encouragement for the Teenage Girl Who Is Hurting

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Succeeding ...

Succeeding at New Year's Resolutions: The Power of Resolve, Goal Setting & Habit Creation

“My Other Ex Women's True Stories of Losing and Leaving Friends”

Advice for moms facing surgery and recovery. Motherhood and surgery. Encouragement for moms having

The Rule of 3: Practical Tips to Help Kids De-clutter

When Simplifying Life Isn't Simple & 4 Ways To Jumpstart The Process

Letting the Important fall for the More Important

Dear Lord I'm Ready

Book Review: Multiples Illuminated

Succeeding at New Year's Resolutions: The Power of Resolve, Goal Setting & Habit Creation

I met today's Wacky Wednesday Writer guest blogger last spring in a writer's group when we started working together on a project. Since we're close in age, ...

The Power of Memories

Finding Worth in Our Waiting

On Making an Intentional To Do List

Succeeding at New Year's Resolutions: The Power of Resolve, Goal Setting & Habit Creation

Succeeding at New Year's Resolutions: The Power of Resolve, Goal Setting & Habit Creation

I base the Blessings Jar off of Phil 4:8, which if you have been reading me for a while, you know it's one I share often.

Cracked earth reflecting being dried up- To the mom who is feeling hopeless and helpless

To My Daughter On Her 13th Birthday

Succeeding ...

Give The Benefit of the Doubt (Week #13)

Untangled Book Review

The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project

Simple Home: 5 Tips To A Clutter Free Closet

What Every Mother Wants From Her Kids After Mother's Day. #Motherhood #Mothersday #

Say Thank You

Dear New Mom

Managing Your Pain Stay Off The Bridge

Give Away Three Items - Week #2

What is REALLY Behind A Facebook Status Update

Father's Day

Written by Me!

To The Christians Who Judge Have You Met Jesus

Simplified Office: Bookkeeping

Five Tips For Self-Care During These Really Hard Times

Inspirational message about cleaning up our hearts doing important work including prayer, presence, not

The Power of Stuff: When Simplifying Is Hard To Do

She didn't leave a NOTE!!! Why wouldn't she leave a note mommy? She ALWAYS leaves me a note that looks like a tooth with her picture on it!

Why I Write What I Write

Are You A Good Samaritan

Take 15 Minutes

20 Truths about Life after Foot Ankle Surgery

Guess What? You Don't Have To Do It All


7 Unrealistic Resolutions for the New Mom…

Pray For Them.

Funny list of things to do when you procrastinate

This wonderful workbook is filled with stepping stones for us to take toward making goals in the area of creativity and threading it through our lives.

Prince of Peace, holidays, Christmas, Faith, God, Jesus

Thoughts on turning 50-years-old.

#Book on raising #teens, Helpful advice and guide to raising teenagers!

Book, Caring for parents, sandwich generation

Escaping The Hamster Wheel Life

Why It's Ok (and often necessary) To Sit Back and Take A Breather

Nesting Boxes & 5 Gallon Buckets on the Homestead

All Natural Bug Spray That Works!

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Travel with Kids - 5 Tips To Survive The Road

Count Your Blessings

"Enough" By Kate Conner Book Review and Giveaway

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And then his feet slipped off the pedals and the bike landed with a resounding thud on the hard pavement. Good thing we were past the procreation stage in ...