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Always nice to see the designers at aaknopf using our typefaces

Always nice to see the designers at aaknopf using our typefaces


Needless to say, this is not Simoncini Garamond. It's our Verlag typeface, thoughtfully

Always nice to see the designers at @aaknopf using our typefaces, especially a two-fer like this: that's Forza on the left, Verlag on the right.

It's nice to see Mercury Display make an appearance next

Another spread from "All Over the Map" by Betsy Mason & Greg Miller.

True to the title of this post I'm going to share a much more efficient and effective way of creating a typographic design system for your next project.

Isotope Fonts | Hoefler & Co.

Creative Market is my favorite place to not only find high quality, commercial fonts but to also support type designers in the process.

Didot Fonts | Hoefler & Co.

Holiday reading! #fantod #thegashlycrumbtinies #thedoubtfulguest #thebugbook #theinanimatetragedy #thesoppingthursday

Instagram post by Humbert Fleitas • May 13, 2015 at 6:57pm UTC

... The Designer's Essential Font Collection ...

The architecture, typography, packaging, road signage, nature, museums, tea ceremonies…. It made us look at things in a different way.

Order Hello Web Design here — full video course, paperback, and eBook available.

Here are just a few of the gorgeous covers he's designed for us lately. Learn more: https://www.oneclub.org/awards/youngguns/home/-bio/yg16-tyler-comrie … ...

Designer @utkulomlu has created some lovely book covers — this one, featuring our Tungsten

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Have you seen any others that you like? We'd love to hear from you, so share your opinions and comments with us in the ...

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Designing With Black and White: 50 Striking Examples For Your Inspiration – Design School Logo

8:41 AM - 16 Nov 2018

Spacing: Adjusting the spacing of your text so that it's appropriate for your design is a big contributor to enhanced readability. In most cases, generous ...

Some solid pastimes.

Note: I'm not suggesting you use these header fonts – the chapter heading fonts will depend on your book cover, but any of these body fonts are very good, ...

AB Agri website

With so many great fonts out there, I will have to go with Lust for my favorite. This family contains such a diverse set, giving you an option for any ...

Bold is in style again! So go on and take the time to explore different Google fonts! See which bold fonts are well suited for your newsletter designs.

Ultimately these pain points could be resolved by removing the container shape and evolving the logo to a stand-alone word mark. In doing so, it also gave ...

What will you make with the leviathan typeface? Fonts By Hoefler&Co

There aren't many things more beautiful in life than a good looking font, as we displayed in our recent free fonts blog post. So we thought it would be a ...

The CSS created is also totally cross browser and device, so designers can be rest assured their projects will look good on any display.

Give your work a cosmopolitan feel with this New York-inspired font

Top Free Fonts I Use Every Day

Take an Early Look Inside Vogue's New Book, Vogue Living: Country, City, Coast - Vogue

Best Google font combinations and typeface pairings - 10

What will you make with the gotham typeface? Fonts By Hoefler&Co

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Mason Currey on Twitter: "Congrats to @aileenkwun & @likeyoucare on TWENTY OVER EIGHTY, their engrossing book of interviews w/ design legends.… "

You can choose a signature font or a highly calligraphic one for your design, but that is limited to the audience that you have. It won't work on a site for ...

Asymmetric Balance emphasizes the most important components and creates a comfortable tension.

This is also a great opportunity to work with collaborators, so for almost a year, I'm working with a product designer and could not be more happy with all ...

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Mould Map 4 – Eurozone Spezial. Hugh Frost & Leon Sadler. Landfill Editions.

It is possible with the content planned out much ahead of deadline so that you can match the typography fonts with the tone of the text.

When Using A Script Font This is like dragging your nails on a chalkboard to designers… NEVER kern a script font so loosely (or at all, just don't do it at ...

Weston Font Style

Lists thirty-two common design infractions, each with an appropriate penalty, with plenty of room for improvisation. For sale at http://hflr.co/ticket .

@font-face { font-family: "Kimberley"; src: url(http://www.princexml.com/ fonts/larabie/ » kimberle.ttf) format("truetype"); } h1 { font-family: "Kimberley", ...

What's Not So Good About Affinity Publisher?

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The ultra bold font editor for Mac and Windows.

In fact, your Facebook cover is the thing people see right away. This is the first impression of you. To create an extraordinary Facebook cover means to ...

But maybe the biggest design change to come to Afar spawns from Olson's belief in the magazine's original mission. Although Afar always ostensibly set ...

... creating a strong foundation on which the images and the other two typefaces could stand. Order your copy of the book here to see it in action.

You've been designing fonts for so long, how has your practice changed over the years?

Digital Birthday Card Designs with Birthday Week Celebration

Designing the H&Co cap, I really wanted the design to be free from brand names and URLs and the like. So the outside has only a "&", and all the branding ...

A ...

Designing Your Life

Here are just a few of the gorgeous covers he's designed for us lately. Learn more: https://www.oneclub.org/awards/youngguns/home/-bio/yg16-tyler-comrie … ...

With customizable fonts and custom tags, you can offer a one-of-a-kind and amazing certificate that your student would be ...

The higher up you get, the more exponential your value becomes. So don't aim to be mediocre, aim to be exceptional with your work.

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Singapore Art Book Fair 2018 identity by Currency, using @ProductionType's Minotaur series + @OmnibusType's Chivo ...

The type foundry of MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan always wrote the goofiest copy in

Here are just a few of the gorgeous covers he's designed for us lately. Learn more: https://www.oneclub.org/awards/youngguns/home/-bio/yg16-tyler-comrie … ...

Fontsmith TypeNotes Magazine | Issue #2 | Exploring Typography

•Type Design


Have you ever tried to create your own custom tumblers only to end up with funky crooked text and designs that look misplaced? Find out the secret for ...

As Sarah says, “Design is an instinctive process”, we make decisions as designers based on what looks and feels right. However design decisions, like our ...

Nimbus Sans in action

Canva's new social layer allows everyone to easily share their designs with the world through a new public profile page. Designs can be made either public ...

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-lived, Joyful Life: Bill Burnett: 9780451494085: Amazon.com: Books

Honest Advice for New Graphic Designers: Amazon.co.uk: Craig Oldham: 9781780679631: Books

Right now, Nike Digital Design is growing and looking for talented product designers. If you are interested in joining our design teams, connect with me on ...

Crello Animated Designs

Helvetica vs. Lucida Grande

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12 Gorgeous Font Pairings using Google Fonts | Picking fonts for your biz is so important. I put together a free guide to the best font pairings using ...

The 10 Most Popular Web Fonts of 2015 (And Fonts You Should Consider Using Instead) · Typewolf

Merriweather Sans + Merriweather Sans - 21 Google Fonts Combinations For Websites

Few hours of workshops flew like five minutes. We drew glyphs in deferent scripts, trying to find something in common.

There are so many good designers out there now, and I'm just one of many, many, many cracking designers around the world. There'll be one or two of my book ...

Go try Stellar Sans for free and start making your designs stand out!

A simple tool for bulletproof web typography.

Plus, fewer fonts mean you can build a more intimate relationship with each style, so you know what suits a particular element best.

Amazon.com: Vogue Colors A to Z: A Fashion Coloring Book (9780451493828): Valerie Steiker: Books

Amazon.com: Vogue Colors A to Z: A Fashion Coloring Book (9780451493828): Valerie Steiker: Books