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An insider says Seungri does not actually own the Burning Sun club

An insider says Seungri does not actually own the Burning Sun club


An insider says Seungri does not actually own the 'Burning Sun' club



Article: Yang Hyun Suk, "Seungri resigned from Burning Sun ahead of his army enlistment, he did NOT use drugs" [official statement]

BIGBANG SeungRi Was Reportedly Present At Burning Sun When The Assault Was Taking Place ...

Tia | #SeungriDeservesBetter


Police and an alleged witness have given statements on the reported assault of female customers at the 'Burning Sun', a club owned by Big Bang's Seungri .

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Seungri was at 'Burning Sun' club with Hyoyeon on the night of the alleged assault?


BIGBANG`s Seungri to Release Official Statements about [Burning Sun] Controversy Today

Black Pink, Jennie, EXO, Kai, Yang Hyun Suk

Big Bang, G-Dragon, Seungri

Mr. Kim has also posted a government petition online at the Blue House website, and it's currently acquired over 90,000 signatures. Stay tuned for updates.

BIG BANG's Seungri Opens New Club “Burning Sun” inside Le Meridien Hotel

burning sun assault. Burning Sun, a club that is owned by BIGBANG member SeungRi ...

Seungri reportedly preparing an official statement on the issues surrounding 'Burning Sun'

YGE head Yang Hyun Suk apologizes and releases official statement on Seungri's 'Burning Sun' club controversy

Big Bang's Seungri is headed off on his 1st solo Japanese tour!

YG and Ministry of Defense say G-Dragon is in a 1-person room but it's not special treatment, netizens angrily refute claims

hyoyeon seungri burning club copy

Article: 'News Desk' reports on Seungri's night club 'Burning Sun' assault scandal... the attacker -> victim, CCTV released'

One of the few clear facts of this case is that Seungri is not at all involved besides part-owning the club. He is still expected to give a statement ...

Big Bang, Seungri

Article: "Why is this Seungri's fault?" vs "He needs to clarify what happened as the owner" debate over responsibility on Burning Sun scandal


Seungri with iKON & Chungha @ Club Burning Sun (180330)

[smh] You folks are selective in regards to how you digest the lies you're told. You want to believe an idol is exclusively your lover and petition to have ...

Member ...


Seungri is once again expanding his scope as an entrepreneur.

This is her apology letter DyFavslVsAEPPog.jpg

Big Bang, Seungri, winner, Song Min Ho (Mino). Big Bang's Seungri has released a ...

Insiders say Rain wants to debut a male soloist to follow his footsteps + new 7-member multi-national boy group

Article: 'Seungri club Burning Sun' CCTV of assault scandal causes shock and controversy, public sentiment demands "personal statement" from Seungri

Pandara in Hong Kong!!! 🐼🐥 Thank you to our great artist and

5 Business Endeavors That Helped Big Bang SeungRi Become Who He Is Today

Seungri, Yang Hyun Suk


Netizens Might Have Found Evidence That IZ*ONE Kwon EunBi Went Through Major Cosmetic Surgery ...

Article: Seungri, "I do NOT run Burning Sun, I'm just a promotional director... I was shocked by the assault video"


[HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEUNGRI] originally posted by https://t.co/


Seungri reveals his dad is always busy taking photos with fans at Big Bang concerts | allkpop

Article: [Exclusive] 'Seungri club assault scandal', there's another CCTV and witness testimony

Article: Four days into Burning Sun scandal -> Yang Hyun Suk clarification -> Seungri's silence

Article: Yang Hyun Suk speaks up about Seungri's Burning Sun controversy, " Seungri went home before the assault happened, and rumors about drug use are ...

Article: Seungri spotted on Hyoyeon's Instagram the day of the Burning Sun assault, fans comment "run away unni"

Article: [Official Statement] YG "We will not be giving an official statement on Seungri's club Burning Sun's assault scandal"

[RADIO STAR] 라디오스타 - Seungri, 3,200 numbered in the cell phone? 20161221

Industry insiders say Microdot and Hong Soo Hyun are still in a relationship


G-Dragon's alleged ex-girlfriend Mizuhara Kiko rumored to be dating Harry Styles

YG Entertainment Distance Themselves From Club Burning Sun Rape And Assault Accusations

Seungri releases public apology + female victim comes forward taking Burning Sun's side ~ Netizen Buzz

Sam Sp3ck

Shocking Footage Has Surfaced Of Staff At Seungri's Club Allegedly Sexually Assaulting A Female Customer - Koreaboo

Ryan Bang's funny favor: Fans share highlights from Seungri's PH concert

Eunkwang says BTS' Jin is the 'casting manager' of their idol 'League of Legends' club

Big Bang's Seungri to join labelmate Goo Hye Sun in new SBS weekend drama 'Angel Eyes'

Article: "Seungri does not do drugs" YG's official statement is only a distraction from the main point

CCTV Footages Show Police Cleaning Up Evidence Of Burning Sun Assault At Station? ...

Seungri, Jennie

Jimin, Seungri, Kang Daniel

Article: Seungri's Burning Sun scandal, YG Yang Hyun Suk's weird clarification

Big Bang's T.O.P has been captured on duty.

Good to see my friend Seungri last night in Seoul. Looking forward to having you visit Mongolia soon. #bigbang #seungri


Latest News. Nightclub “Burning Sun” ...

yg artists boycott seungri bigbang

'Dream come true': Iñigo Pascual gushes over Seungri, Dara's cover of '

Seungri's 'Burning Sun' staff being accused of drugging and sexually assaulting female.

What do you think of his idea, jokes and all?

Seungri @ Aori Ramen Hongdae (180318)

Dara, T.O.P, G-Dragon, Seungri, GD&TOP

Big Bang, Seungri, Yang Hyun Suk

JungKook (BTS) meet " consequence" after advertising fabric softener | entclip

Fans In Anger Over The Way BIGBANG SeungRi Is Being Treated By YG Entertainment

When asked if she had any plans to get married, Clara answered, "I'm not so focused on the timing so much, as long as I meet someone who is responsible and ...

Article: Seungri's little sister, "Please help my oppa from getting hurt" asks to share 'Burning Sun' scandal CCTV video

BIGBANG SeungRi Was Reportedly Present At Burning Sun When The Assault Was Taking Place · Does This 2PM Song By JYP Sound Too Similar To This Demo?

Article: Burning Sun, female victim of sexual assault claims complete opposite opinion, "Kim-ssi is fooling the country"

Yang Hyun Suk Shares Statement Regarding Seungri And His Relation To Burning Sun Club

Baek Ji Young

WINNER reveal their company does not allow them to drive or own a car | allkpop

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K-pop boy band Big Bang members are (from left) Seungri, T.O.P.

Burning Sun Victim Uploads Evidence Of Date Rape Drugs Being Used At Club · bigbang seungri

SeungRi Club, SeungRi Club Burning Sun

Designer Leaks Photos Of Inside Taeyang & Min Hyo Rin's Wedding

Tickets to Big Bang's concert is the most popular by international tourists visiting Korea

burning sun

DyKInbqWkAAIthh.jpg DyKInbtWwAACNo6.jpg

Pentagon teased their comeback and upcoming official fan club event!

Last month, a video with this VIP room name in the title had apparently gone viral. The video showed a woman, who couldn't keep herself steady, ...

Big Bang