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Check out this most amazing Skoolie from Pavedtopines We

Check out this most amazing Skoolie from Pavedtopines We


Check out this most amazing Skoolie from @Pavedtopines !! . We absolutely love this

Check out Paved to Pines van and bus conversions in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan!

Make sure to check out that custom, walnut drying rack that folds flat above the sink, @whalensm's crowning achievement…”

Skoolie | BusLife | VanLife on Instagram: “Tag @skoolieconversion + use #SkoolieConversion to be featured! ☮ 💯 Posting the best school bus conversions ...

I've been ok with piles and little messes here and there. In college I was pulled over on the…”

Bus Life Adventure on Instagram: “"Surprisingly our half built bathroom pic was our most liked image of 2018😂 . Here is the finished version, I think it ...

Skoolie Camper Conversion

Paved to Pines is the only van bus conversion company based in Saskatchewan, and is opening the door for you to reinvent your travelling experience.

Michael Fuehrer on Instagram: “The festival is over and the bus is empty. It is always awesome to spend time with you all and talk to many of you who are ...

Vanlife | Brittany & Cree on Instagram: “#vanlifers #vanlife #toyotahiace #campbed #woodworking #livingontheroad #vanbuild #toyotachinook #skoolie ...

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Check out this most amazing Skoolie from @Pavedtopines !! . We absolutely love this unique layout. Bar stools, farm kitchen sink, bench,…

The ceiling height is 6'1". So yes: sometimes I have to duck a little. But for me, it still beats a mortgage. #skoolie…”

Build Out Your Dream Bus With Blue Ridge Conversions

Raised Roof Skoolie Built Like A Residential Home - Full Detailed Tour

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pavedtopines. After a few late nights and to many junior chickens 🐓 • In the

bus wood ceiling

A d a m & R a c h e l on Instagram: “Luna has gotten a few upgrades over the last few days. After a few months we made the decision ...

More Uploads Coming Soon!

pavedtopines. These little @cubicminiwoodstoves are one of my favourite parts of doi

Bus Life Adventure on Instagram: “"These are the new cabinets we had built above the drivers area!! 😍 No, we did not build them ourselves. Very early on in ...

Eden the Skoolie School Bus Conversion Tiny Home For Sale

Just waiting on the mattress (Elfie still thinks it's comfy without)! This was

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Over the last couple of years, the term "van life" has been catching on as an adventurous, affordable way of living and travelling.

Custom Sprinter Van & School Bus Camper Conversions - Paved To Pines

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More Uploads Coming Soon!

All of the sudden... we have a KITCHEN!

3 Awesome DIY Shower Ideas That Will Fit in Tight Spaces

Best Skoolie Bathroom Ideas 01

Family of 5 Ditch Traditional Living for Road Life School Bus Camper, Old School Bus

The A to Z skoolie conversion resource website! Find inspiration for converting your school bus, learn how to pick one out, and how to turn it into a home!

More Uploads Coming Soon!

Its no secret that we bloody love our van Stanley. He's no Westy, his

The rails on this roof deck fold down when not in use. This is only one roof deck design. Check out Skoolie Homes for more ideas.

#homesweetbus #skoolie #skoolielife #skoolienation #skoolies #skoolielove #

We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas! We are so grateful to be

Some serious hard work put in by both @punkrunner69 and @jamesonx7 I'm so grateful…”

Andddd now its time for a break! Hope you all get to do the same. pavedtopines

Bare Skylls

Custom Sprinter Van & School Bus Camper Conversions - Paved To Pines

A Practical Investment. Far more than just your ...

Easy Rider and Josey Wales put away for the winter. Thanks to all the great

#skoolies medias

Pine Tree Home: Camper Redo Reveal ♥love the door♥ Jayco Campers, Camper

Many plumbing and mechanical finished today and kitchen appliances secured, rest of plumbing after next wall

skoolie shower

We had the opportunity to spend a few nights at the GA Tiny House Festival.

Jessie Sanford ( @skoolie.ruth ). We out ...

Cargo van Conversions

#bikestorage #solution #bestboyfriendever bolted a universal fork holder to the floor for each

You gotta treat your life like you're jumping off a rope swing baby cuz

We're officially in the Bus! Here are some catch up

On the open road. It's beautiful. Thank you God #nature #openroad #tinyhouse #tinyhousemovement #tinyhousenation #tinyhouseonwheels #family #tribe ...

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Amazing Skoolie conversion!! 🚌 Follow (@tinyhomelivingsolutions ) for

More progress #Skoolie #skoolieconversion #skoolielife #skoolielove #schoolie #schoolies #busliving

School Bus Conversions. "Skoolies" are your ...

truckstoplifestyle. little fast forward to today..we'll be posting the pictures

Where will you escape to this week? Share your road trips and adventures with #

pavedtopines. #transformationtuesday • One of my favourite things about our builds

What do you think of this big comfy couch/bed? 😍 Swipe 👉 •

She's coming together. #skoolielife #buslifestyle #skoolieconversion #busliving #schoolies #schoolie


Got her down to the barebones and started framing her back up. Next she'

Well somehow I put the wrong date so my videos a couple hours late this morning

aaand a peak of our bathroom now. we're still not fully finished with

We are looked to share 3 vans / adventure mobiles on our blog

New Life Down an Old Road

Look Inside The Coolest Van We've Ever Seen + Meet The Artist Who Calls It Home

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As Featured In

What do you think of this big comfy couch/bed? 😍 Swipe 👉 • · @pavedtopines


Where will your next adventure take you? Hit the road and let it take you

A tip for Tuesday! #tuesdaytip .. this tool is a must

school bus in desert

Image may contain: kitchen and indoor

Cargo Van to Camper Van

I've been thinking a lot about how the space around me influences

Renogy 400 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit

Sprinter van Conversions

More progress #Skoolie #skoolieconversion #skoolielife #skoolielove #schoolie #schoolies #busliving

@gordongram should probably start a mobile restaurant in this bus... • • · @ pavedtopines

A Couple Spend $3K to Turn an Old RV Into a Cozy Home For Five

recessed dryer box installed into the wall that allows you to push your dryer right up

The NeighborBus Family 🚌 ( @neighborbus )

#Skoolie is done! Hope lots of people will enjoy a taste of

Look what I found on #zulily! Khaki Casual Lounger Sofa Bed #zulilyfinds Mattress