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Edens bounty Art by Australian artist Peta Ciarolo

Edens bounty Art by Australian artist Peta Ciarolo


by Peta Ciraolo Art & Design. $27.00$18.90. Eden's Bounty Bath Mat

Sunburst Art Print

by Peta Ciraolo Art & Design. $15.99$11.19. Eden's Bounty Sticker

by Peta Ciraolo Art & Design. $35.99$25.19. Eden's Bounty Acrylic Box

Gotham Starry Night And Other Van Gogh Parodies

That 90's Show

And Hillary White is giving me quite the art history lesson with her latest interpretation, Vincent Van Gogh's Café Terrace at Night.

Ron English is another culture jammer who uses McDonald's imagery in his work. His work was featured in Super Size Me, but my favourite is his version of ...


By The Power Of My Little Pony

... he won't blow his brains out when he pulls that trigger, but I don;t Nick wants what's coming out of the back end of that deer. My favourite pop artist, ...

The Donnie Darko Of Oz

Dave MacDowell once again makes my brain hurt with his pop culture-stuffed paintings, this time a Popped Culture favourite, the Last Supper.

From pop artist Elen Ameli Lin: "Botticelli's little bit changed picture Birth of Venus. Sophie is Venus, SpongeBob is Zephyr, ...

Frakkin' Smurfs

Shoot Him Now! Shoot Him Now!

Beast Of Pop Culture Revelation. "

This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us, Scooby!

Flying pandas barf rainbows. Of course they do. Read pop artist Derek Chatwood's explanation of what they ate before they burst. (Link via Listicles)

... pretty much goes without saying, but I wonder about Gonzo as the Judas figure. Sure, he's a Weirdo, but would he betray Kermit? He performed his art for ...

Chuck Norris Is Mona Lisa

So if Darth Vader is Davy Jones, who took over the Flying Dutchman when he died? It should be the Emperor, but Vader killed him. So would it be Luke?

A commission by artist Tom Fowler featuring Neil Gaiman's The Endless: Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium from The Sandman.

Those supernatural looks have been seriously toned down after pop artist Casey Weldon gave them the Eye of the Beholder look for Gallery 1988's recent ...

Robots: A-Z

Video game consoles don't evolve, they fight their way to the top. Pop artist Matthew Kerfren explains the playera and the process with great detail.

My name is Jeremy and I am an addict. Hi Jeremy. I've been eating McDonald's for as long as I can recall. As a kid it was an occasional treat and in ...

My favourite pop artist, Dave MacDowell has unveiled several new paintings, delving deep into 70s cinema with his take on The Deer Hunter and Taxi Driver ...

Artist and blogger Dean Fraser, of Springfield Punx, turns superheroes, villains and other pop culture denizens into residents of Springfield, ...

Not only does she have a great Tumblr site, but she's a great pop culture artist too.

Don't know the artist behind Barth Van Gogh, but it seems to have spread from the tumblr Return of the Vader.

We can't stop here! This is Koopa Country! Super Mario as Raoul Duke? Awesome! (Koopa Country by graphic artist Joe Angelillo at TeeFury)

Hipster vase: Jonathan Adler Utopia Williamsburg Vase in All Pottery Jonathan Adler, Vases Decor

From designer Jimmy Thomason: "This is my take on René Magritte's The Son of Man, with a little Kubrick twist thrown in. I've always loved surrealist art ...

Alex & The Droogs Of Riverdale

Dave MacDowell's Another Perfect Day: "...the whole painting is about Miseryland, and how pop culure has mutated our mind's into fast-food."

Another jam-packed painting from Dave MacDowell that you need to go to his flickr page to see all the details.

Pennywise's World

French artist Soasig Chamaillard finds damaged statues of the Virgin Mary and transforms them into pop culture icons — as one does.

So this picture pretty much sums up my blog. There is so much going on in this picture that I won't even try to tag it. From pop artist Ryan Dunlavey ...

From artist Pauline Acalin, who runs the pop-tastic tumblr pacalin: "As a kid, every time Willy Wonka said 'wonkavator', this is what I imagined in my mind.

A more of-the-moment version of parody is the McVideogame, an online flash game that lets you run every part of the company, from the South American ...

Hillary White continues to educate me on classic paintings (this one based on Peter Paul Rubens' Roman Charity) and also traumatize me. Well done.

Adventure Time: Mathematical, Mashupmatical

The Battle of Endor as interpreted by a famous Ewok artist. (Starry Night Star Wars by newbpainter)

Classic Movie Monsters From The 1970s

Of course I'm far from the first to make this connection and many artists have created art and parodies to comment on McDonald's empire's impact on health, ...

I love looking back into an artists work and seeing what else they have done and doing that with cartoonist and illustrator Ryan Dunlavey is a treasure ...

Again, is it any wonder that Van Gogh was in an asylum? Just look at what he saw in the night sky. (Starry Night with TARDIS by TerryLightfoot)

Where No Pixel Has Gone Before

Aww, aren't they cute when they're sleepy and homicidal. (Arkham Geddes by Staja Artist Collective — click through for more.)

Art Deco Iron Man

Late at night, outside the Kellogg's factory and all hopped up on sugar, the cereal mascots are in the mood for trouble. Well, maybe not Sonny, ...

The Autumn Society (which has introduced to a whole series of pop artists to me) is holding a 3B show at Gallery 1988 on May 5, paying tribute to Back To ...

The Zombie In The Conservatory With The Lead Pipe, Candlestick.

Edward Scissorhands' Teen Angst

Marvel Vs. A Christmas Story: You'll Shoot Your Adamantium Eye Out!

Ryan McGinley - Agyness Deyn Free Falls for POP, Fall 2008 Agyness Deyn, Color

The Last Robot Apocalypse Supper. “

Fast Food Kills, from pop artist Steven Smith

Long gone from the comic page, Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes still manages to inspire other artists. At the Crazy For Cult show earlier this year, ...

... dies time and time again, and for what? Princess Peach isn't in the castle and, perhaps, she only has eyes for Bowser. From a Japanese artist ...

Alien Last Supper, from artist Tim Kelly's Similar Alien series. "Have you ever looked at the people around you and wondered what planet they are from?

Shy Guy And Goomba Are Run-SMB

Artist Cliff Chiang's Imperial Propaganda posters for the Star Wars Galaxy 5 trading card set. I like the idea that the Empire felt the need to rally the ...

If the mountain won't come to Freddie Mercury then Freddie Mercury must go to the mountain. Take that, Mount Rushmore! (Queen Mountain by Scott Campbell for ...

Sesame Street Anatomy Lesson

PETA Denounces Mario's Tanooki Suit. "

I was never a fan of Iron Maiden but I was always intrigued by their artwork and the character Eddie. So what could make him even cooler?

Way, way back in the 1990s, my friend Dave Craig created a comic that lampooned 80's TV, Star Wars and Star Trek, game shows and the pop culture detritus we ...

Oh, I see what they did there. (From The Gremlin)

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Kirk's Nightmare At 20000 Feet

Pikachu Meets Picasso

Don't know the artist behind Barth Van Gogh, but it seems to have spread from the tumblr Return of the Vader.

Can you name the cult movies these 40 weapons came from? If so, does Crazy 4 Cult have a contest for you. The cult movie art show opens today at Gallery ...

Once again a controversy has erupted over a pop culture depiction of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper. Artist Glen Tarnowski's Looney Tunes Last Supper, ...

So Ms. Pac-Man is actually Pac-Man's mother? Which means Pac-Man is Jesus? Wow, I may have to convert from Frisbeetarianism. From pop artist Misha via ...

A nice take on a Van Gogh self-portrait and a comment on how much money everyone has made on the back of his art following his death.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, A Real American Hero

I'll be honest, I hope Tintin gets his ass handed to him — I always found him annoying and pretentious. Asterix and Obelix are more my style.

Going Down To Hogwarts Gonna Have Myself A Time

But Listicles was paying attention and pulled together 20 Pieces of Junk Food Art. These are a couple of my favourites.

Aww, aren't they cute when they're sleepy and homicidal. (Arkham Geddes by Staja Artist Collective — click through for more.)

Josh Cooley, a story artist at Pixar (as if that wasn't cool enough), draws scenes from the classic children's series Little Golden Books using some very ...

Wil Wheaton And The Unicorn Kitteh Of Death!

It's the series finale of Lost, so I'm having a last go at some of the great fan and artist created Lost tributes and parodies today.

Voltron Dans Les Coquelicots

Video games will never be art? Take that, Roger Ebert! Of course I really didn't need to see Mario naked, but at least he has a digitized leaf so I don't ...

Lost Underground Art

There were two takes on Michael Jackson, my favourite being Dave MacDowell's Jesus Juice Superstar. Jacko's death and funeral conveyed a halo on the may, ...

The Last Mythological Supper

To commemorate the release of a Star Wars horror novel, artist Matt Busch has recreated all the Star Wars movie posters as zombie films.

Let Your Video Game Freak Flag Fly