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Enraged Libs Just Started RIDICULOUS GoFundMe In Attack Of 5MIL

Enraged Libs Just Started RIDICULOUS GoFundMe In Attack Of 5MIL


Enraged Libs Just Started RIDICULOUS GoFundMe In Attack Of $4MIL Border Wall Fund

Enraged Libs Just Started RIDICULOUS GoFundMe In Attack Of $8MIL Border Wall Fund



So excited to keep out the Mexicans, they forgot how to math! : insanepeoplefacebook

I mean someone died because he didn't reach his GoFundMe goal for insulin,

Reuters DIYARBAKIR, Turkey (Reuters) - Turkish security forces have launched an operation targeting shelters and stores believed to belong to the Kurdistan ...

فستیوال اپل موزیک

This one goes to Erica my gross little stalker. The one who steals Obama phones

Edit: ...

Japan hangs seven members of doomsday cult that attacked subway with sarin | Utter Buzz!

This has made my day. I know I will think of it often and LMAO

'Secret' Audio Recording Drags $400,000 GoFundMe Debacle Into a New Circle of Hell | Utter Buzz!

On Thursday, the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office in New Jersey announced formal charges against the three people involved in a viral GoFundMe campaign ...

Stupid people make stupid faces when they figure out their whole ideology is wrong.

Freedom Is Just Another Word.

I'm for human rights so basically every living being is a person and deserves

Yesterday Tumblr committed to making its social network, which is full of boobs, dongs, and teens openly fantasizing about the two, a more child-friendly ...

Boy tells police that driver shot family in road rage run-in | Utter Buzz!

This libtard asshole would never say that but it's true< Wow you said libtard really

Funny but realistic look at why we have the electoral college.

NHS = National Horror Service ...

I've always heard that if your gonna be stupid, you gotta be tough. Well, this trip proved this statement to be VERY true! I've been planning a Pinhoti ...

Quotes Of The Day – 16 Pics

... malware that enables attackers to disable systems or encrypt your data until you pay them, is on the rise. If you've become the victim of an attack, ...

$10,000 giveaway for my 10-year anniversary - I Will Teach You To Be Rich

On top of everything else, Bolton doesn't have the temperament you look for in a national security adviser.

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... Committee's hearing investigating Christine Blasey Ford's allegation of sexual assault against nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a Crowdpac has been started ...


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It hasn't just turned communist, it has turned into one of the biggest


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... money ...

“I was wrong. I never ran out of gas before, and my heart was beating out of my chest.” After Kate pulled over, a homeless man approached her


Couple and Homeless Man Charged With Conspiracy Over $400,000 GoFundMe | Utter Buzz!

Have you tried NOT breaking the law to see if that helps? I'm

A Well-Seasoned Appetite

US drone kills Taliban chief wanted in Malala attack: Ghani | Utter Buzz!

Heart attacks are scary to think about, but arming yourself with a little knowledge can bring comfort and preparedness. Here's what actually happens during ...


“I Find It Kind Of Corny”: Nothing But Thieves' Conor Mason On Rejecting Rock Star Stereotypes | Utter Buzz!

To his and everybody else's surprise (and amusement), the official Twitter account of the Flat Earth Society responded

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... Communication & Perform DNS Spoofing Attacks — https://thehackernews.com/2018/06/4g-lte-network-hacking.html… … https://pic.twitter.com/UIblZUlHa4

Hack Brief: Patch Your Android Phone To Block An Evil 'Toast' Attack | Utter Buzz!

Trump Approval Rating, In God We Trust, Tell The Truth, Reality Check,

The GoFundMe account is now up to $2,617.

Trump Endorses Zeldin; Giffords Supports Gershon In East End Congressional Race

... and productivity tips of our favorite experts. This week, we're going behind the scenes at Lifehacker. I'm Heather Hass, and this is how I work.

... and productivity tips of our favorite experts. This week, we're going behind the scenes at Lifehacker. I'm Melissa Kirsch, and this is how I work.

In the time of Trumpanzees I was a monkey. What about you? Bill Graves was the governor of Kansas from 1995 until 2003, a mainstream Republican.


Instagram fitness model removed from American Airlines flight after 'humiliating' row | Utter Buzz!

Congressman Lee Zeldin at Stereo Garden in Patchogue on November 6. GREG WEHNER

Nothing is certain, except death and taxes and a US election campaign. | MetaFilter

Not To Worry Kamala Harris Will Stand In As My Corp., Establishment Mouthpiece Political


As the sun starts to go down, you begin to make your way back through the woods toward camp. Suddenly, a set of sharp teeth belonging to a snarling wolf ...

Bryan Cranston is Being Forced to Defend Himself for Playing a Quadriplegic in a Movie - Barstool Sports

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If you just started dating someone you think is way out of your league, here's some news that might burst your bubble. A new study suggests most ...

Scientists have discovered a new way to capture people's passwords, though the circumstances needed for the attack to work make the odds of it being ever ...

Don't mind me; I'm just in a weird, cranky mood

L.A. homeless woman posts video protecting Trump Walk of Fame star - CBS News

The post The Party's Just Begun: Phish Makes Their Mission Clear On Baker's Dozen Night One At MSG appeared first on L4LM.

Liberals are idiots!

Willie Nelson Answers 3 Ridiculous Questions On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

I usually don't think this stuff is funny, but the American people are


(11.99/32) ...

In one post by the boy said to have carried out the attack, he said

I think I may read more of his work.

Thomas Paine Great Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Awesome Quotes, Benjamin Franklin, God Bless

Can Verizon Build a Strong Brand From the Bones of Yahoo and AOL? | Utter Buzz!

... Pacific Partnership Trance.

Happy Birthday Alex Lifeson: Rush Guitarist Soloing Compilations | Utter Buzz!

Lanigan couple thankful to be alive after bear attack

I ...

... because bigot fucks are constantly telling you you're unnatural ?So I guess if you have fertility issues and can't "make babies" you're "unnatural" too?

Markov-Chains/crunchbase.txt at master · bradjasper/Markov-Chains · GitHub

washingtontimes.com · Worried about the Equifax hack? Here's how to safeguard your data

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Taking great photos doesn't necessarily require tons of training and nice equipment. You can improve all of your photos with just a few tweaks to the way ...