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Heavy snow in Cartwright Labrador NL 21 May 2017 Twitter 3

Heavy snow in Cartwright Labrador NL 21 May 2017 Twitter 3


Heavy snow in Cartwright, Labrador, NL, 21 May 2017 (Twitter)

The second half of winter in NL should bring snow, then rain, and cooler temperatures than the first half has seen. (Bruce Tilley/CBC )

Campers are waking up this morning to find snow on the ground, and in some places, not just a small amount. In Cartwright ...

It's supposed to be the unofficial start to summer, but Mother Nature had different plans for most areas of Newfoundland and Labrador. In fact, snow plows ...

Heavy snow in Corner Brook, NL, 09 April 2018 (Smallwood/Twitter)

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Newfoundland Snow Has Completely Buried Some Homes In Gander | HuffPost Canada

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A couple makes its way through snow-covered streets in Montreal after a storm blanketed much of Eastern Canada in December 2007. The storm delivered between ...

Andrew Foran

Trans Canada Highway in Gander, NL, 28 Feb 2018 (NL Transportation & Works)

We fully anticipate being open again Saturday morning with first chair at 9am.pic.twitter.com/GTIBlWQUs2

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Snow squalls continue in the outlined areas tonight and Saturday. Temps remain cold through the weekend. Wind chills into the minus teens and 20s.

Heavy snow falling in northeast Moncton, 09 Dec 2017 (Dearing)

"Cartwright has reported snowfall amounts of 50 cm since Friday. Latest indications suggest another 5 cm can be expected before the snow tapers off tonight ...

... of love stickers. to give to anyone you want. you could also keep them. and pretend they're from me ⇨ http://weratedogs.com pic.twitter .com/bGEOnxQUsw

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... they can spend a few dollars on a new primary care clinic for the people of the Stephenville- Port Au Port district? #nlpolipic.twitter .com/nizcbp0sva

Cartright Junction_Labrador pb_Chelsea Morris photo from video

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Daily News- March 7 | Cain's Quest | Endurance Race | Labrador Cain's Quest | Endurance Race | Labrador

As usual, most are taking it in stride, posting pictures of themselves outside in short-sleeve shirts sitting on snow-covered patio furniture.


Businessman Bill Barry was fined for building this home on Barry Place.

Please respect and obey all signs posted by ski patrol. Last chair will be at 3:45pm, hope you have a great day on the slopes!pic.twitter .com/2cxJ9yEtF8

The Chilly Dash, Crystal Dip, Chili Cook-Off, Carnival Dance and much more! Stay tuned for more details coming Thurs, Jan 31pic.twitter.com/qNoFpJ1C6q

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It takes time to select, crop, enhance and resize all the photos I feel compelled to take here in preparation for posting, so for the last two nights I've ...

Snow, wind, and a warmup in my weekend forecast. #mtwx @KTVHNews http://www.ktvh.com/2017/03/strong-enough-wind-to-move-labrador-retrievers-ears … ...

News - 50 cm of snow, more rain for Atlantic Canada long weekend - The Weather Network

#cassiobury hashtag on Twitter

#WeAreTheStudents #FreeEducation #ONpoli #ONpsepic.twitter.com/Tp3HMmu7fK

Women and men read the names and biographical details of the 117 missing and murdered Newfoundland

Harold Snow

Thanks for reminding us of how much we love you #AdventureCanada pic.twitter .com/Yd1pfDM75p

No photo description available.

Find the link to vote in our bio to show the world how much you love Stowe Mountain Lodge! Thank you!pic.twitter.com/0ckJ5yo79d

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Roadmap of The Trans Labrador Highway

Traffic was backed up much farther than usual and moving at half the normal speed during the Friday morning rush hour heading east into downtown on Bowness ...



Deep snow in Mount Pearl, NL, 21 April 2016 (TWN)

About 3 weeks and counting! Check out some a few vids here...http://www.danielchampagnemusic.com/videos/ pic.twitter .com/EW9DYQlUF0

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Public ...

Raven walks down the White Plains, New York sidewalk during residential training. Raven is

#doyouwanttobuildasnowman #itsorlandotime #iot #frozen #snowing #snowmanpic. twitter.com/0P8JnzREfV

Eddie Sheerr

Distribution of snow crab fishing effort in 2014. Each point represents a set location for

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#nlschools #nlwx Info always available on our website, or by direct link here: http://bit.ly/nlweather pic.twitter.com/eJwQyLRTLV

... William the golden lab standing strong and Mose the golden lab looking up at the camera – all wear their blue puppy jackets.]pic.twitter .com/u0KqxyewSt

The Telegram

Trans-Labrador Highway: (Day 3/6) Cartwright to Happy Valley-

Regardless, we were comfortable, but the roads on the other hand, were covered in sleet, ice, and snow! And, this is how the Trans-Labrador Highway venture ...

... for flash flooding, mudslides and debris flows near wildfire burn scars in #California. See http://weather.gov for more.pic.twitter.com/Ljuzb8tZIR

Ms Cartwright regularly walked her dog Bella (pictured) through local parks, a deliberate

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Garbage rules under review in Newfoundland and Labrador

Register by visiting: https:/bit.ly/2LVgQh6 @GovNL @Mount_Pearlpic.twitter .com/KAqw14PmO1

Happy Valley-Goose Bay is much more accessible these days; you don't have to shimmy down a rope into a waiting boat for a ride to town.

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NB Forecast (14:00) https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1434061891800 … #nsstorm #nbstormpic.twitter.com/jDjGAYljLQ

Flying my new DJI Phantom "drone" in Happy Valley ...

Photo of Duncan Cartwright by Tolga Basol (Turkey) - Punta Olimpica, Peru -

Cartright Junction_Labrador location · “

2017-05-24 21:17 ...

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At Cartwright, ground temperatures for palsas were averaged from three sites. Mealy Mountains data (indicated by [1]) were collected by Jacobs et al.

Rice Rivers Center December open house canceled

Where next in the fight over Muskrat Falls and rate mitigation?

What should you do with your pets during extreme cold spells?

2017 Traveller’s Guide

Cait Deerin

The SOMM Journal

Prior to her 'dark' online posts, Ms Cartwright would regularly share photos of

Image may contain: snow, dog and outdoor

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Cartwright Labrador Canada Yellow Flowers at by AlecHartmanPhoto, $150.00

Rum Ragged

Cover page of the publication

Image caption Snow has fallen overnight in Londonderry and across much of the northwest

A Golden Christmas Poster

Emeril Winter 1972-1973. Photo Credit: Robert Smith Ghobhain


News - Think Newfoundland is getting windier? Think again - The Weather Network

Dog In The Snow