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Interior Houseplant Pests Insects on Indoor Plants Brown Soft

Interior Houseplant Pests Insects on Indoor Plants Brown Soft


Scale are primarily immobile insects that stick themselves to stems and leaves. They come in

Mealybugs are a type of cottony, mobile scale that often can be seen in clumps

Fighting houseplant scale can be super frustrating, and scale on houseplants can be difficult to


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How to identify common houseplant pests


Aphid colony sucking sap from a ZZ plant leaf

Common Bugs And Pests On Houseplants

Aphids are another plant-sucking insect that often congregate in large numbers. I most

One of the most common indoor plant pests, aphids tend to congregate on new growth where they suck plant juices and secrete sticky "honeydew."

Types of houseplant bugs: Who they are and what to do about them

a collage which includes a spider mite crawling on a leaf & 2 leaves with whiteflies. Even though you might keep your garden or houseplants ...

Close up photo of a Red Spider Mite on a plant leaf


Aphids on a Stem

How to Get Rid of Brown Soft Scale. Scale Insects · Garden Planters · Garden Bugs · Garden Pests · Nature Plants · Small Plants · Indoor Plants ...

aphid on flower petal

Insects on Yellow Paper in a houseplant If your houseplants have been ...

Fungus gnats in my houseplants

Pothos houseplant

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Figure 1. Greenhouse whitefly adult and nymphs.

Scale Insect

White Aphids (Mealybugs) on jasmine leaves


If you see tiny white bugs flying around your plants... well, those my friend are whiteflies and they are super annoying houseplant pests. Want them gone?

Root Aphid

Insect Problems on Houseplants

Common houseplant pest called scale

Houseplant pest control: the best ways to control mealybugs, scale and spider mites | NOLA.com


Sudden Plant Death: Reasons A Houseplant Is Turning Brown And Dying

2 pictures of plants 1 with scale & 1 with thrips the text in the middle

What's Wrong With My Plant!?

How to Get Rid of Gnats in Houseplants

Types of houseplant bugs

How to Get Rid of Sticky Film From Plants Indoors | Home Guides | SF Gate

Plants and Brown Chair

bamboo. bamboo. When houseplants ...

The Ultimate Guide to Houseplant Pests & Diseases, by Jim Hole — Hole's Greenhouses

white dots on palm tree

watering can house plants

About 95 percent of the plants leaves are turning brown. Really sad, no idea why. I plan on checking the roots tomorrow, and I don't see any signs of bugs.

What Are the Small Brown Bugs on My Houseplants? Dealing With Scale Pests | Apartment Therapy

Springtails Springtails living on the soil surface of a house plant

View full sizeKenneth Harrison / The Times-Picayune

My forgot-the-species-palm-tree

Soapy water will kill gnats in potted plants

Houseplant Insects: What To Look For. Keeping houseplants ...



When you first bring home a houseplant, you may want to take a few precautions

Growing Houseplants

zoom in on white dots on palm tree

How to get rid of bugs on houseplants! Growing Flowers, Growing Plants, Growing

Leaf Spot

a tall snake plants in a yellow urn container the text below reads Sansevieria aka Snake

What Is the White Infestation on Green-Leaf Plants? | Home Guides | SF Gate

An easy-to-use guide to vegetable garden pests for gardeners.


How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Jade Plants

Fungus gnats are tiny bugs in houseplant soil, or flying around plants. They'


Common Houseplant Insects & Related Pests | Home & Garden Information Center

Common Houseplant Diseases

How To Get Rid Of Whiteflies On Indoor Plants, For Good! White Bugs ...


Scale insects are quite visible on a green leaf, but often blend in with bark when they're on a branch or trunk.

Individual mealybugs are oval-shaped, but you'll often see white masses, especially in the axil where a leaf meets a stem. The insects are hidden underneath ...

Everyone has problems with insects now and then in the garden, but pests on houseplants can also be a problem. That's why Gardening Know How strives to ...

white dots on palm tree ...

2011-10-11/paulgrow/adcf36 ...

... them looking great and also have a positive impact on their health and growth. Cleaning helps control insects and other pests, too. Cleaning houseplants ...

Bring Houseplants Indoors-But Not Bugs

The most effective method to control houseplant pests

Identifying Scale Plant Insect


Brown Tips on Houseplants Leaves - A Reason Why!

Fungus gnats and damping-off can seriously harm growing seedlings. But the solution to