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Long term travel selfcare beyond flower baths ice cream binges

Long term travel selfcare beyond flower baths ice cream binges


Long term travel self-care: beyond flower baths and ice cream binges

Tired of unrealistic images of luxury flower baths on instagram? Here is the real story

Long term travel self-care: beyond flower baths & ice cream binges | Travel inspiration | Travel, Travel Tips, Travel inspiration

Time for Self-care

Author Monique - MC Adventure Blog

Long term travel self-care: beyond flower baths & ice cream binges | Bloggers & Pinners ⭐ | Pinterest | Travel, Self care and Travel Tips

If you suffer from anxiety, travel and expat life can be really difficult. Explore

Traveler's Top Restaurant Airport Edition

Road Trip Snack Alternatives That Will Improve Your Trip

travel tips

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling In Om: How I Prioritize Self Care Abroad

Here are some helpful tips for practicing #selfcare on the road, compiled by this

Why pay $10 a pop for store bought bath bombs when it's so easy to make

Travel is great for your mental health and travelling is a great way to improve your

Ulleungdo Travel Hacks, the ultimate English guide

The Myth of Everything in Moderation

5 Things 100 Days of Travel Taught Me

Confessions of a Solo Traveler

Why Is Ice Cream So Expensive? Here's What The Artisanal Kind Requires. | Utter Buzz!

Coffee ice cream is almost too good for this world—it combines two very good things to make one extremely wonderful thing—but you may not want to eat it ...

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five mother's day activity ideas to make her smile

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Jeffrey R. Clark Jr., a 30-year-old living in the D.C. area, was arrested last week after his relatives alerted the police about his alarming violent, ...

It's Time to Think About Flowers Like We Do About Produce

If you're craving a creamy frozen treat, but dairy isn't part of your diet, you're in luck. You can make your own vegan-friendly ice cream with some coconut ...

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What's In Lush's Mother's Day Collection? The 15 Products Celebrate Strong Women Everywhere

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... make you feel your best in the long run, so sometimes a “plan,” which most people would absolutely argue is not intuitive eating, is intuitive eating.

I have nothing against store-bought ice cream cones, but I don't keep them stocked at all times. This has prevented me from enjoying a cone on a whim, ...


Beyond the Bubble Bath




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When you get invited to a nice party, it's polite to bring a gift for the host. If you're not sure what to get them, this tip can help guide you to ...

Time Travel Back to the MoMA's First Exhibition in 1929

The granola in question.

Luckily I love my own cooking, so I ate like a queen. I still went out to eat with Kate and everyone else, I just ate either before or after we went ...

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The image features a single white flower standing tall beside a window.

Long story short, NO REGRETS because it was one of the best things I have ever tasted in my entire life. However, I pretty much immediately realized my ...

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Self Care is the New Healthcare

Watch a Trailer for the Grateful Dead's Documentary _Long Strange Trip_ | Utter Buzz!

... baths — do whatever you need to do to feel refueled when you show up at work every day. This alone will make a huge impact on your performance at work.

It's Ice… Cream


rainbow cone Original Rainbow Cone. This ice cream ...

What's In Lush's Mother's Day Collection? The 15 Products Celebrate Strong Women Everywhere

Intuitive Eating Weight Loss HAES


If you don't have a bath or baths aren't your thing, you can use all of these ingredients to make DIY face masks to detoxify your skin, and step up your ...

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flowers A lot of people ask me how I travel so often while living on a student budget, working five days a week, and taking a full course load.

Photo by Milles Studio

When eating an enjoyable bowl of ice-cream turns into frantically stuffing the entire carton in, shoveling it down so quickly so it can be violently th ...


I'm sure you've come across photos like the one above on Instagram or Pinterest. And those #selfcare bathing trends are adorable, they look heavenly, ...

52 Lists for Happiness

The Myth of Everything in Moderation

First, you get to pick your homemade ice cream bar flavor out of a wide assortment. I had only ever had prewrapped Hagaan Daaz or Dove bars, ...


Pantone's “Ultra Violet” is the Ultimate Feminine Energy Color for 2018


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How To Create Your Own Cozy, Self-Care Bath Ritual

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If you're turning down dessert, make sure it's because you actually don't want it. There's nothing wrong with not wanting dessert.

They have gluten-free & vegan cones, made right in the shop! And these cones…they're the real deal. I've never liked ice cream cones before, ...

I don't have time to not get a lot done, and you probably don't either. So get off your butt and work at a standing desk! You'll thank me later.

Asili Naturals Bath Bomb

Before I begin arranging in the vase, I like to trim the stems and cut off any dead leaves or broken petals. Our Tajika Scissors are a great tool for that.

... and I plan to keep doing it as long as I can. My point: women have always been strongest under pressure. This year, I'm excited to see what we can do.

As soon as I had my first bite of Yoga-urt, I was hooked. This is the best soft serve / ice cream-ish dessert I've ever had. It really is thick, ...

Have you ever found a place you love so much that you don't want to tell anyone else about it? My heart is POUNDING as I write this, because I'm about to ...


What causes it?

4. Ashwagandha. This Ayurvedic herb (Withania somnifera) is revered in India for its ability to improve strength, energy, and vitality while also promoting ...

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Home cold remedies

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