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Made Artricius some eyes Now i need a day that doesnt include rain

Made Artricius some eyes Now i need a day that doesnt include rain


Made Artricius some eyes. Now i need a day that doesn't include rain so i can finish his face...#bjdeyes #dolleyes #handmadeeyes #homemadeeyes #eyes ...

Minifee make up progress!!! ๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’„ Doll owner: @liss_skarleth

play video More hand-made eyes in dolls! This super-sparkly pair of green eyes

New heads added to the to do list ๐Ÿ‘€ and i hope they won't

My babys without body's lol. I got one 70cm in there 3 sds 1 msd

[Michi] After a request I took some size comparison photos with the heads of

[Michi] A little work in progress with these two cuties ๐Ÿ’™ (They belong

A box full of floaties and Yusuke. Ruru looks like they're chewing on

I tried to make a new style of anime eyes. These are designed, printed

No two of the same size. #bjd #bjdhead #bjdheads #bjdcomparison #

The amazing and super talent @theugliestwife http://theugliestwife.com/ has

Most recent WIP of Brรปlรฉe and Soufflรฉ. ;-; Mirodoll hasn't gotten

Last for tonight ๐Ÿ’‹ #commission for @rinoakitty18 โ˜บ I will probably try to

Sharing some in progress faceups! Mostly just defining lips and adding lashes (cept for

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes ๐Ÿ‘€ #halloweensecorations #eyeballs #homemadeeyes

The weather is pretty not terrible right now, so I'm getting ready to

Homemade #anime #eyes for this newcomer at home ! She is an #angelphilia

Turned out the way I wanted. Now I need to get better at it :

I wanted to have these two to the

Day 1: Giant turds Doing some bjd heads but a bigger ver this time #

Humidity unexpectedly fell so I got to get these heads sealed. So excited to start

play video #catseyes #homemadeeyes #resineyes #dollfiedream I designed and made another bunch of anime

NO LONGER AVAILABLE : So I'm trying a thing with the Etsy shop.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE Taking photos tonight of all the new rocker Lovelies heading to my Etsy

@aysang0817 I just got this package back, what's going on? I've

My girl wrapped up in plastic. #wrappedinplastic #bjd #bjdheads #faces #

www.phoenix-dolls.com just another picture of Liu to brighten up our

play video Good eyes for keeping, a lot of trials and errors to get to this result

Two Souldoll heads have arrived. Nice packaging :) #souldollbjd #bjdheads #souldollbox

If like liu here your wondering about what resin colour to buy your next Phoenix dolls

JUDE SALE STARTS NOW! www.sartoriaj.com https://www.

Bird ( @brotherbirdstories )

Got some things I want to sell! This is just

Bjd sales resin must go! Luts Delf WS body double jointed. No stains even

#homemadeeyes again ! i tried to paint with some pearl powder on the printed paper

Saras Duncan ( @thegoodthebadtheundead )

Another lil bad boy with tungsten beads tied on the belly with a braid loop another

Only 3 days left in our 25% off sale. Don't miss out! www.phoenix-dolls.com #phoenixdolls #mei #bjd #bjds #abjd #bjdhead #bjdheads #bjddoll #bjddolls ...

This Unoa Lilin head isnt gonna work for my DC b-07.

I finished the 10 blue pairs of 8mm eyes for the @dustofdolls #Appi #

Had to give my home made epoxy eyes a try, happy with the way they

I am quite happy with my yesterday test of using crushed shells in a 12mm eye

Vexxy ( @vexaunt )

Without the uv light it looks almost as a

I received two heads Fox and Mizi to make a face up commission. Its my

JULES december ( @jules_december )

BJD-blog (ball jointed dolls) ( @bjdforest )

Saras Duncan ( @thegoodthebadtheundead )

Juan David Irawan ( @juandavidiraw )

HIATUS until I'm moved ( @elfmutt )

Mizi represents an ancient japanese spirit named Hakutaku,

HIATUS until I'm moved ( @elfmutt )

I am so sad about the bubbles on the left one. But I really enjoy

@jazzremix my head came in day after Christmas! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Ringdoll illya in tan

Mommy Fox And The Little Ones ( @kzharts )

Celeste ( @miyanahime )

Alaris ( @alarisdolls )

Dee ( @deelightful_dolls )

JULES december ( @jules_december )

Inna Usoltseva ( @zaika_doll_clothes )

SOLD โ€œAxl" is the bad boy of the Sunset Strip. All the famous

Here are box opening pictures from my Peakswoods Lady Bee (suntan resin), HTT