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Milking Shorthorn VACAS DE LECHE 2019 t

Milking Shorthorn VACAS DE LECHE 2019 t



Roan Milking Devon | Milking Shorthorn Dairy Cows

Milking Shorthorn. Find this Pin and more on Vacas de Leche ...

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Leche, Cattle, Cows, Gado Gado

Leche, Cows

Jersey Leche, Cows, Cattle, Farming, Animals, Gado Gado


Leche, Cows

Milking Shorthorn

Guzolando Vacas Holstein, Ganado Vacuno, Vacuna, Granjas, Animales Y Mascotas, Mejores

... VACAS DE LECHE 2019 by Emilio Oliva. Ayrshire

Milking Shorthorn

fleckvieh cattle | black pied bulls led to drastic changes in the profile of the cattle ... | Dairy Cows | Pinterest | Cattle, Dairy cattle and Braford ...

Milking shorthorn Vacas

Red Holstein | ... (Montbeliarde) X Petersland (Viking Red) X Holstein 1st Lactation

Red Holstein Cow | Vote: Crossbred Cow of the Year 2013 Holstein Bull, Dairy

Holstein Roja Holstein Bull, Gado, Happy Cow, Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle,

Red Holstein | red and white holstein

Resultado de imagen para vaca gir leiteiro

Las vacas generalmente sanas, se preñan sin problemas y sus partos ocurren sin inconvenientes, aún en vaquillonas; son de ordeñe fácil, caracterizándose por ...


... VACAS DE LECHE 2019 by Emilio Oliva. Holstein

Leche, Cows

Shorthorn bull. Isn't this a beautiful sight!

Beef shorthorn

Dual Purpose Cattle Breeds | Blanc Bleu Mixte – Dual-Purpose Belgian Blue | Dairy Cows | Pinterest | Cattle, Belgian blue cattle and Cow

Milking Shorthorn. Linda Miller · cows · Holstein

Alabama Cattle

Gir Lechero. Find this Pin and more on Vacas de Leche ...


Milk shorthorn

Gallery For > Baby Ayrshire Cattle Holstein Bull, Dairy Cattle, Barnyard Animals, Beef

Blue Roan Dairy Cow | Milking Shorthorns

Girolando. Find this Pin and more on Vacas de Leche ...

Swedish Mountain breed cow Fjällko

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(Light Roan Shorthorn Heifer). Dairy Shorthorn cattle are either red, red and

X bred Dairy Cattle | Inter-breed dairy champion, Holstein Dalesend Storm Maude from Hefin .

Holstein Bull, Dairy Cattle, White Tail, Livestock, Welsh, Russia, Welsh


Taureau+Aubrac Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Pyrenees, Cows, Photographs, Alps

Dual Purpose Cattle Breeds | Blanc Bleu Mixte – Dual-Purpose Belgian Blue

Milking Shorthorn


Jutland Cattle | Modern Farming Methods Cows, Cattle, Denmark, Farming, Nostalgia,

Danish Red Cattle | Modern Farming Methods Dairy Cattle, Cow, Mammals, Denmark,

Names of Cattle Breeds | ... home photos photo galleries cow breeds cow breeds american brown swiss


Ayrshire Cattle | Norwegian Red Cattle Beef Farming, Bull Cow, Dairy Cattle, Majestic

American Milking Shorthorn

Normande Sığır ırkı ( www.veteriner.cc )

Jersey Vacas, Animales, Granjas, Ganado, Agricultura, Animales De Granja, Animales

The Milking Shorthorn or Dairy Shorthorn is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in Great Britain. Description from imgarcade.com.

UU., señalan que los mejores parámetros productivos tanto en volumen de leche como en contenido de grasa se presentan en vacas cuyo parto ocurre a los ...


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Vacas de Leche 2018 · Holstein

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Dual Purpose Cattle Breeds | Blanc Bleu Mixte – Dual-Purpose Belgian Blue | Dairy Cows | Pinterest | Cattle, Belgian blue cattle and Cow

Milking shorthorn

Gloucester Line Back Cattle | Milking SHorthorn Dairy Cattle | Milking Shorthorn cow at "Eyretonlea

Swedish Mountain breed cow Fjällko

Bulgaria, Cattle, Brazil, Pure Products, Gado Gado

Witrug (Dutch Whitebacked cattle) bull named Spektrum Peter

Cattle, Calves, Bulgaria, Gado Gado, Baby Cows, Tone Calves

Esto es debido a cruces con razas lecheras de color rojizo: Ayrshire o roja de las llanuras. Figura 3. Vacas de la raza Milking Shorthorn ...

Milk s

This is a summary description of a sire. Beef Cattle, Summary, Livestock,


he Ayrshire cow is marked by reddish-brown mahogany colored spots on a white body. These type of cows are medium in size, weighing about 1,200 pounds in ...

Jersey breed, bull. Magnificent animal!!! #Ireland Dairy Cattle, Beef

Heifers shorthorn.

Swedish Mountain breed cow Fjällko

Black Hereford Cattle cattle jo

Dun-Did Storm Cloud V EX-97 191HO62. Reg USA 129890104. Bred and owned by Harry Weier, Deerfield, WI.

Hereford Cattle, Cows, Beef, United Kingdom, Meat, Ox, England,

Cattle, Turkey, Russia, Gado Gado, Turkey Country, United Russia

Beloved Milk Cow with bell around her neck :-) Cowbell, Cow Pics,

Milking Shorthorn Leche, Cows, Dairy, Calves, Baby Cows, Tone Calves

HR Leche, Cows, Dairy, Farmer, Farmers

Verbeterd Roodbont


A young Simmental bull - Zimbabwe

Gir leiteiro, Gyr catlle, Brahman cow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


So sweet ♡ Cow Pictures, Cow Pics, Vegan Animals, Farm Animals, Cute

Cattle, Sweden, Gado Gado

Ubre Vaca Bucking Bulls, Show Cattle, Factory Farming, Stop Animal Cruelty, All

Milking Shorthorn

Cross bred dairy cattle | Holstein Dairy | I love cows | Dairy cattle, Cattle, Cow

Cattle, Sweden, Gado Gado

This is Ozzy, one of two oxen that work as a team to move heavy loads...kind of like the bull dozers on an 1850 farm. Ozzy's breed is a heritage breed ...

Brown Swiss | Brown Swiss Dairy Cow 62.5% brown swiss 25% sahiwal