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Pauls Passion by Kathleen Dunphy Oil 24 x 18 Boats Artist

Pauls Passion by Kathleen Dunphy Oil 24 x 18 Boats Artist


Paul's Passion by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 24 x 18

Morning Reflections by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 12 x 16

Ghost Ships by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 12 x 16 $2500 Ghost Ship, Boat Painting

Kathleen Dunphy Fine Art

Fogged In by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 18 x 24

Gathered Around by Jonathan McPhillips Oil ~ x

Autumn Light

Independence Day by Kathleen Dunphy ~ 16 x 20 Boat Painting, Sea Art, Independence

Wet Paint by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 12 x 12 $2000 available at Argosy Gallery,

Avalon Light

Clear Day by Kathleen Dunphy Oil 18 x 24 Raymarart Painting Competition Finalist Great Paintings,

Morning Fog, Bar Harbor by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 30 x 40

Artist · gondolier by Robert Lemler Oil ~ 24" x 18"

Low Tide

Thaw by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 24 x 20 by margery

Kathleen Dunphy

Dancing Water. Sold. Avalon Light by Kathleen Dunphy ~ 8 x 10

Kathleen Dunphy Fine Art. Boat Painting · Seascape Paintings · Oil Paintings ...

Fueling Up by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 12 x 16 Landscape Paintings, Great Paintings,

Silver Morning. 14 x 24. The Last Days of Fall by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

Light and Air. 12 x 16. Mid Winter by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 20 x 24

Bass Harbor Lobster Pots

Dockside. 14 x 18. Chores by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

Out ot the Shadows. 9 x 12. Daybreak: Montana de Oro by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

Gathering Clouds: Teton Valley. Shimmer and Shine by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 6 x 8

The Last Days of Fall. 8 x 20. Light and Air by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

Eagle Lake Autumn. 12 x 12. Paso Robles Hills by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

Island Breeze, Two Harbors. Sold. Wyoming Aspens by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 8 x 6

Cowgirls. Island Breeze, Two Harbors by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 12 x 16

Mid Winter. 20 x 24. Silver Morning by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

Triad. Sold. Across Tenaya Lake by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 12 x 12

Otter Cliffs View. 12 x 16. A Winter's Day by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

High and Dry. 18 x 14. Out ot the Shadows by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

The Colors of Autumn. 16 x 12. Acadia Summer by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 20 x 24

Summit Sunrise. 12 x 16. Gloucester Trawler by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

Above Shark Harbor. 9 x 12. Snow Fields by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

August in the Mountains. Sold. Cowgirls by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 18 x 24

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Lange Barn. 12 x 16. Waiting for Harvest by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

On The Way Home. 12 x 16. Below the Surface by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ~ 20 x 24

San Pasqual Valley Overlook. 12 x 16. Autumn Amber by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

Vineyard Tapestry. 12 x 12. Atmosphere by Kathleen Dunphy Oil ...

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... oil on paper Painting by John David Wissler

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Kathleen Dunphy in her studio

... oil on paper Painting by John David Wissler

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Painting by John David Wissler


24x30, Oil $ Melanie Thompson

TONI DANCHIK | Fishing Boat San Pedro Harbor | 16 x 20

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Setting on the Western Way 18 x 37 oil on panel Painting by John David Wissler

Join California artist Randall Sexton for a fun week of “choice moments” while painting the various scenes close to La Casa. Location: Boca de Tomatlan, ...

Brushwork Workshop



~Signature MemberAssociate Member~

There will be plenty of 1-1 discussions and a critique at the end of day two. This workshop is fast paced. Location: Chicago, Illinois

In the Shadows (Boy Meets Man) ...

The Georgia Straight - Summer in the City - June 8, 2017 by The Georgia Straight - issuu

Once again a group of Southern California's finest award winning artists come together to show their work for a one night only event.

... portrait. Suitable for absolute beginners and those with limited painting experience. Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Instructor: Allison Syvertsen

Visual Artists' News Sheet - 2011 September October - by VisualArtistsIreland - issuu

... with the artist's personal aesthetic. Location: San Diego, California Instructor: Stan Kurth, NWS Cost: $500 For SDWS Members, $540 for Non Members

More artists brought instruments. There are several guitars, 2 banjos a mandolin and another instrument I can't name.

Nudity Disclaimer: Most of the reference photos are of nude models (tasteful), but I will have photos of clothed figures. Location: Los Angeles, California

... X Entombment Apollo Crowned Resurrection The Triumph of Bacchus (unfinished state)

Master Signature Members Neil Patterson

All who utilize watercolor, acrylic, and oil are welcome. Location: Whidbey Island, Washington Instructor: David M. Kessler Sponsor: Pacific Northwest Art ...

... I. Crow X ...

... blobs.' This is a popular workshop that promises much creative fun and outstanding results! Location: Chicago, Illinois Instructor: Ingrid E. Albrecht, ...

We will paint from beautiful images of Italy, France and beyond! No class January 28th. Location: Franklin, Tennessee

10x10, Oil $NFS Amani Badokhon

Plein Air Painting Artist's Guide

8x8 inch, Oil $NFS Amani Badokhon

36x36, Oil $ Scott Bevan

Instructor: Silas Thompson, www.silasthompsonfineart.com. Cost: $395 by Jan 15; $445 after Jan 15. Sponsor: Cascade Fine Art Workshops

10x10, Oil $NFS Amani Badokhon


Teresa Elliott Gully

Paul Klee

Painting by John David Wissler. '

10x10, Oil $NFS Amani Badokhon

Friends, Oil, 24" x 30", $4,000 Craig

30x30, Oil $ Kurt Anderson

12x12, Oil $ Stephanie Amato

Beginners to Advanced are invited. Location: Summerville, South Carolina Instructor: Annie Strack Cost: $235. Sponsor: Beacham Fine Art

In the News: Kathleen Dunphy: Capturing the Light

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