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People of Walmart Craigslist LOL

People of Walmart Craigslist LOL


Always love dealing with people on Craigslist.

Positive Pregnancy Tests on Sale on Craigslist ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails

Craigslist check scam ...

There are some horrifying ads on Craigslist. Funny, but horrifying.

craigslist peopleofwalmart walmart funny lol classifieds. undefined

The things you see on Craigslist when you live in Nashville.

walmart cutie* – m4w – 23 (victorville walmart)

65 ...

Don't fall for this new craigslist scam. They are trying to get you to send them the code so they can associate their craigslist account with your phone.

Walmart in Newton – m4w – 30 (Newton)

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StoryJust trying to buy an Xbox off a guy on Craigslist.. quick turn of events ...

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Love At First Sight

Craigslist Scams I Encountered When Looking For A Rental Plus Real Scam Emails

I love messing with Craigslist Scammers. They offer to purchase my items with fake checks, so I have them send me fake checks.

Girlfriend for sale lol this is funny found it on my local Craigslist under the pets for sale. People in kenosha never cease to amaze me

This Might be the Best Craigslist Used Car Ad of All Time

Craigslist removes personal ads!

People of Walmart Part 17 - Pics 15 Funny Walmart People, Walmart Shoppers, Walmart

People Of Walmart - Even the service dogs dress down when they go to Walmart .

Hospital Stay

When I first saw the graphic, I was a bit embarrassed. The state fair, really? Why can't we be normal and have missed connections at Walmart?

Gross Craigslist Booger Ads #funny #meme #LOL #humor #funnypics #dank #hilarious #like #tumblr #memesdaily #happy #funnymemes #smile #bushdid911 #haha ...

Doug McMillon — CEO of Walmart (#345)

Only On Craigslist Pt 2. People Of WalmartReally ...

Joe Santagato - Only on Craigslist Part 3 People Of Walmart, Really Funny, Laughter

craigslist moron drove out to look at pool table that he didn't bring enough

18 Craigslist Shopping Secrets Revealed | blesserhouse.com - This has SO MANY good tips

7 Things I Wouldn't Buy on Craigslist


NBD!!! My first non Walmart bike. Was an amazing find on Craigslist, can't wait to see the adventures I take on it ...

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Met You During Bank Robbery

Facebook Marketplace Wants to Be Your New Craigslist

How to Sell Your Stuff | Guide to Selling | Sell Your Stuff | Ebay |

the girl at walmart ...

Super Walmart ...

perfume guy at walmart ...

Posted 5 years ago 63 notes . Way Past The Point Of F**k It People of Walmart.

Nearly brand new. $75 Craigslist purchase. I love rich people.

Fstoppers' Own Rebecca Britt's Fantastic Craigslist Rant

18 Craigslist Shopping Secrets Revealed | blesserhouse.com - This has SO MANY good tips

Dating Guide. Craigslist's Missed Connections

We stopped buying patterned leggings at Walmart for

Posted by Terrance Hewitt at 1:24 PM

I Have Mouse Blood Running Through My Veins

i felt bad

You Put Midget P**n In My Mailbox

Stripper's At Denny's

Selling FAKE Bitcoins on Craigslist Prank

18 Craigslist Shopping Secrets Revealed | blesserhouse.com - This has SO MANY good tips

Why You Should Never Shop Walmart or Dollar Stores


18 Craigslist Shopping Secrets Revealed | blesserhouse.com - This has SO MANY good tips

18 Craigslist Shopping Secrets Revealed | blesserhouse.com - This has SO MANY good tips

Photo of Walmart Pharmacy - Encinitas, CA, United States. 9 people in front ...

Sirens - Girl With Prosthestic Knee (Leg?)

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Gallons of Wolf S*men

idiot from craigslist already told people he has a pool table so he has to sell

To the Pretty Woman On the G Who Threw Up On Me

People of Walmart is a humor blog that depicts the many customers of Walmart stores across the United States and Canada. Through funny photos and videos, .

15 Tips for Craigslist Savvy Shopping

Post your CraigsList WTF's!?! here-screen-shot-2014-03

Ladies love those bad boys.

never shop walmart or dollar store

We stopped buying patterned leggings at Walmart for

You are my D-------The Mute Girl

The ...

Post your CraigsList WTF's!?! here

18 Tips for Better Craigslisting: How to Score on Furniture

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Buying Cheap Phones Off Craigslist

Post your CraigsList WTF's!?! here-shampoo.jpg

Found! Cat Snake?

People of Walmart (PoW) is an entertainment website featuring user-submitted photos of Walmart customers considered to be socially awkward or undesirable .

Post your CraigsList WTF's!?! here-screen-shot-2014-02

Man With Alopecia at the 76 Street Station

Got a "new" set of Craigslist tires-332327_296111743740394_100000247111140_1128880_2114854911_o.jpg ...

On a regular basis we get contacted by people looking for rental properties on CraigsList. The VAST majority of time they are calling us about properties ...

Jerry Patterson, a carpenter in Phoenix, puts an ad on Craigslist two to three times a day and is lucky to get two calls a week. Credit Joshua Lott for The ...

Recent scam e-mails received:

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