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Sioux paint bag ca 1850 from G K Warren NMNH bag t

Sioux paint bag ca 1850 from G K Warren NMNH bag t


Sioux paint bag ca. 1850 from G K Warren. NMNH

Сумка для трубки, Шайены. А. Период 1890. Размеры: 49 x 13.4

Bag, with shoulder strap, finger woven in brown and yellow worsted (yarn)

Sioux pipebag ca 1860. NMNH. Jamie · Native American Indian bags

Сумочка, Арапахо. Размер: 7 х 2 дюйма. Коллекция Emile Granier, 1898 год. NMNH. Jamie · Native American Indian bags

Сумочка, Лакота. Вид два. Получена от Florence Evans. 25 х 9 см. NMNH. Jamie · Native American Indian bags

Powder Horn And Pouch, Sioux. Warren, Pouch contain bullets, iron arrow-heads and gun flints. Jamie · Native American Indian bags

Native American Indian bags · Pipebag, probably Yanktonai. Peabody Harvard Native American Artifacts, Native American Beadwork, Native

Sioux Beaded Hide Pictorial Tobacco Bag

Cheyenne buffalo hide paint bag. Univ. Pa. Mus. ac

S. Cheyenne paint bags, 1880s. NMNH ac

Сумка для зеркала, Кайюзы. Б. Период 1880. Из коллекции Adolph Spohr.

Shoulder Bag Date: ca. 1845 Geography: United States, Texas or Oklahoma Culture: Comanche or Kiowa Medium: Native-tanned leather, glass beads, wool cloth

SIOUX INDIAN Beaded & Quilled PIPE BAG Brown with orange and gold quilling

Blackfoot Beaded Hide Mirror Bag - View auction on www.skinnerinc.com Native American

Northern bag. McCord Mus. ac

Central Plains Beaded Buffalo Hide Possible Bag

Sioux Beaded Belt Pouch, 10" long. Christina Edmunds · accoutraments · Sioux paint bag ca. 1850 from G K Warren. NMNH ...

Ute pony-beaded pouch. Sotheby Auction. ac. Jamie · Native American Indian bags

Lakota (Sioux) buffalo hide possible bag | Early seed beads, likely from matching

Anthropology Collections, AMNH

Sioux Quilled Mirror Bag - High Noon Western Americana


Lakota Beaded and Quilled Hide Pipe Bag

pipebag, early 19th century, Von Bank collection ac. Jamie · Native American Indian bags

Delaware Shoulder Bag #8130 Indian Beadwork, Native American Tribes, Native Americans, Native

Cheyenne parfleche bag. Yale Peabody. ac

SIOUX INDIAN Beaded & Quilled PIPE BAG Brown with orange and gold quilling


Sioux parfleche bag from Standing Rock, Minn Histo

Sioux storage bag from Pine Ridge, before 1890. NMNH Indian Artifacts, Native American


Medicine bag Yankton.

1850 from G K Warren. NMNH. Jamie · Native American Indian bags · Sioux pipebag ca. 1860. Thomaston Auction 2014 Native American Beadwork, Native American ...

Bag | Sioux Tobacco Beaded Hide Fringe 20 inch

Sioux beaded bag aka tipi bag approx. 15” x 22” | eBay Native

Sioux Beaded Hide Possible Bag (4/8/2016 - American Indian and Western


bandolier bag ca. 1850, coll. by G K Warren, NMNH Indian Beadwork,

Sioux Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag

Late 18th early 19th century Cherokee beaver tail style shot bag. (Institute for American

Anthropology Collections, AMNH

Sioux or Hidatsa bag, NMNH AC

bandolier bag Ute Heye-NMAI

Native+American+Medicine+Man | Native American Medicine bags, Edward S.

Cree Indians, Painted Bags,

1950s Ojibway (First Nations) Hunting bag at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto -

Mission Del Rey Southwest - Hand Stitched Buffalo Hide Medicine Bag 6" - Sioux,

Kiowa bag NMNH

1954.9.22 Native American Beading, Native American Art, American Indians, American Pride

Native American Beadwork, Native American Art, Diy Leather Projects, Pouch Bag, Pouches

Unknown Plateau artist, Contour-beaded flat bag, c. 1900; Portland Art

Collections Search Center, Smithsonian Institution. Сумка для трубки Кайна, период 1840г. Roy Martin · pipe bags

Crow bandolier bag. Bonham 2015 Powwow Beadwork, Native American Horses, Crow Art,

Native American Buffalo Hide Medicine Bag 4x5.75" -Sioux (b110) -

Sioux pipebag, Leipzig ac. Roy Martin · pipe bags

Fire Bag - Ethnology Collections Database - Burke MuseumOBJECT NAME Fire Bag CULTURE OF ORIGIN Tahltan

Native Beadwork, Native American Beadwork, Pouch Bag, Pouches, American Indians, Native

From Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum Collection.

Image result for antique pawnee indian bags

Classic Cheyenne cradle Native American Baby, Native American Clothing, Native American Artifacts, American

Quilled bag by Honza Podzemny of the Czech Republic

Contemporary Makers: Selvedge Trade Wool Shooting Bag by Chris Bezold

1970's Lakota doll, view 4

Sioux Beaded Hide Tobacco Bag, sinew-sewn with bag outlined in beaded lanes using

Сумка, Черноногие? Период 1875-1925. McCord Museum.

Blackfoot bag. Canadian Mus. Hist. ac

Сумка для трубки, Niisitapiikwan (Pikanii?) 1900-1925. 16.3 x 87

Sioux otter neck piece NMNH ac

Сумка и рог для пороха, Шайены. Voth, 1893 год. NMNH.

Photo Album Plains Indians, Saddle Bags, Native American Art, Indian Art, Nativity

Lakota Sioux Indian War Period Pipe Bag from uchizonogallery on Ruby Lane

Pistol Holster Sioux Style Reproduction Northern Plains Beaded W/ BrainTan Frame

... Delaware Indians, Woodland Indians, Indian Beadwork, Quilling, Native Art, Native Indian, Wallet, Indigenous Art, Necklaces, Turtle, Bag, Bedspreads, ...

mannequins from the old Smithsonian display, wearing clothes collected by G K Warren

pipebag coll. by Agent Twiss at Ft Laramie ca 1850 NMAI American Indian Art,

An Arapaho beaded tobacco bag

Beaded bag (1840)

Bandolier bag, early 19th century. Attirb. to Creek. AMNH Native American Tribes

Sioux dress ca 1850 from G K Warren. NMNH ac Native American Artifacts, Native American

"Lakota Painted Hide Winter Count, c. late 19th/early 20th century,

Bag. Assiniboine or Sioux, 1885. No additional identifying information. Native American Design

Arapaho, NMNH Native American Beadwork,

"Sioux storage bag ca 1855 from Agent Twiss. NMAI". Spracovanie Kože, 18. Storočie

55131: A SIOUX BEADED HIDE TOBACCO BAG c. 1890 sinew s on LiveAuctioneers

Александр Мейнерт

Pipe, Lakota, before 1850. G K Warren piece, NMNH

bag · R. S.

Native American Medicine Bags

Northern Plains Beaded Cloth and Hide Pouch

Mission Del Rey Southwest - Native American Lakota Strike-A-Light Bag 5"

parfleche bag, Arapaho. NMNH

Plains coup stick: Alights on the Cloud, a Cheyenne: An Emblem of the Dog Soldiers of Cheyennes: Arapaho Dog Dancers rattle: Birohka, Hidatsa warrior: ...

Plains Beaded Hide Pipe Bag

Mesquakie perhaps shoulder bag. NMNH ac Native American Clothing, Native American Artifacts, Native

gun case collected by Agent Twiss, Ft. Laramie, ca 1850

otter skin bag | Art at the DIA Search the Collection

Quilled Buckskin Pericardium Bag

strike a lite Kiowa ca 1820

A Sioux beaded tobacco bag