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Sound Off Silence the Noise with Oktav by Christian Hallerd for

Sound Off Silence the Noise with Oktav by Christian Hallerd for


sound-off-silence-the-noise-with-oktav-by-christian-hallerod-for -kinnarps-sub1

Oktav sound absorber. Designed by Christian Halleröd. Manufactured by Kinnarps.

Brazilian design company Castelatto

sound proofing

34 Stylish And Smart Ideas For Soundproofing At Home

Leaf wall panel by ANNE KYYRÖ QUINN | Bespoke fabrics

Acoustic panels, High End 2012

Textile Wall Panels - Nya Nordiska

Fräsch Brings Audio to Acoustic Wall Tiles

Wendy W Fok | Material Experimentation, 2010 | Corian Product Design #productdesign

Acoustic Wood Wool Panels BAUX 3D PIXEL - @bauxdesign

Akustika 10 Block: Hex Shop - FilzFelt Sound Proofing, Air Plants, Workplace,

Possible surface for wall opposite stage (then covered with album covers) Kinnarps launches the sound absorber, Oktav, designed by Christian Halleröd - ...

6 New Acoustical Solutions for the Workplace


The sound of silence | Archiproducts

Fräsch Brings Audio to Acoustic Wall Tiles

6 New Acoustical Solutions for the Workplace

#DailyProductPick Square by OWA groups baffles of differing heights and lengths in a canopy that

Carnegie Expands Xorel Artform With Sculptural Acoustic Tile Duo

Soundproof room Sound Proof Curtains, Recording Studio, Empty, Studio Foam, Dream Studio

ZilenZio | Selling silence Collection » ZilenZio | Selling silence

Floor-standing lamp / original design / aluminum / fabric - BUZZISHADE by Stal Collectief - BuzziSpace

The BeoSound Shape is a Modular Audio System Designed to Color Walls With Sound

Cello Acoustic panels. Interior design textiles by Casalis. www.casalis.be

Welcome to OpenAsset

Agence AFC - Abstracta Airleaf

Product name: Oktav. Why we like it: Modular, can be used in a variety of ways

pinnable wall surface - Google Search

Acoustic design to reduce noise using BAUX Panels and Tiles in this Helsinki office Workplace Design

Baux wall - Google Search

These soft, sound absorbing panels are great as moveable screens between desks and as noise-reducing panels from ...

HUSH Acoustic Lighting

Mute is a sound-absorbing module that can be combined in many ways.

Hanging acoustical panel FLAG by Caruso Acoustic Sound Absorption, Sound Absorbing, Acoustic Panels,

Office storage – the great divide

Café area, Google offices, London UK by AHMM architects Running Track, Design Agency

Functional creativity through sound-absorbing squares. Soneo Wall is a simple…

Ginko scale-shaped acoustic tiles

Sound absorbing modular desk #partition AIRCONE by Abstracta | #design Stefan Borselius Desk Partitions

HUSH PADS | Fabric room divider Hush Pads Collection By FURNIKO

Soundwave Swell Acoustic Sound Proofing Tiles | eBay

a fantastic example of chic acoustic panels | mecc interiors inc.

WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE Boden, Industrial Bedroom Design, Industrial Bathroom, Industrial Shelving,

Hex FeltForms Acoustic Tiles

Sound and pollutant-absorbing acoustic panels for a beautiful and pleasant interior atmosphere in Colorpad - Listen to the Silence by BWF FELTEC ...

Banquettes, Banquette Capitonnée, Upholstered Walls, Tufted Bench, Tufted Ottoman

Interior Windows for Sound Control with Magnetic Tape Strips Soundproof Windows, Noisy Neighbors, Magnetic

Another system with 9 connect amps, a full surround sound system and large screen wall mounted. Building work coming on

Borgo | These modular and acoustical panels feature double molded edges similar to the Airform panels

Buzzishade Office Noise, Open Office, Herman Miller, Sound Absorbing, Office Interiors,

Bespoke office compartments at the Google offices, Pancras Square, London by AHMM architects.

Sound-absorbing office furniture for Glimakra

Their sound-dampening feature makes them perfect for open-ceilings. These baffles can have integrated lighting, or you can alternate unlit baffles with ...

I would like to add counter top around the exterior of the computer lab - it

Acoustical Absorbing Material, Echo Eliminator Wall Panels for shop vac box Soundproofing Material, Sound

DECORVOX by Fonology a brand of Ares Engineering Srl: Wool felt sound-absorbing panels.

How To Sound Proof A Wall: Great for our condo - the common wall with our neighbor.

... water resistant acoustic panel that absorbs and deflects sound equally. It is perfect for areas that need a temporary noise reduction barrier due to its ...

Product Winners of the 2016 Best of Year Awards


MIO FeltForms White Acoustic Insulation Twist Panels are designed to control sound and reduce noise.

Crafted from STRATEK flexible vinyl laminate and heavy-duty MDF, Baresque's Post Screens are available across a range of solid.

Interior organization acoustic panel & wool & for public buildings - FABRICKS by Four®Design - Four Design

Custom-designed and built Jack Rooms for Google in their London offices. Architects AHMM

Professionals out on meetings find the sound disturbance at malls unfavourable and opts for other places

MIO FeltForms White Acoustic Insulation Quad Panels are designed to control sound and reduce noise.

Valhalla audio

EchoLine Groovy 0.5 panels in PET plastic in Speckled Gray by Woven Image.

Ceiling, cheap, noise reduction, wood panels, vertical, hung from ceiling

carpet the underside of a table/furniture to absorb noise in a room full of

The Safety Benefits of Sound Proof Windows Interior Window Sill, Interior Windows, Best Replacement

screen via Modular Arts Schwarze Wände

Kate Manning Interiors Ceiling Grey detail

Five Surface Treatments for the Fearless: Beyond Paint & Wallpaper | Pocket Full of Design

Acoustic Pin Board Sold as individual pin boards, or design your own feature wall that also helps with acoustics and combats office noise problems ...

Acoustical wall décor in office environment

Airflake Sound Absorbing Screen Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Wall, Wall Design, Textured Wall Panels

Ceiling Design Ideas -- Shirred fabric ceiling for elegance and sound absorption Fabric Ceiling,

Did you know that noisy and loud spaces are actually bad for our health? What

Buzzi Space BuzziDesk Split Desk Dividers, Sound Absorption, Divider Screen, Acoustic Panels,

Shields up and noise down Noisy Neighbors, Save Energy, Home Theater, Soundproof Windows

Open work ceiling above custom-made Jack Rooms, Google offices, Pancras Square,

Cerámica colección NILO de la firma WOW

Moment, Easy chair | Offecct Acoustic Wall Panels, Wall Finishes, It Is Finished

Break out areas, Google offices, London UK by AHMM architects Open Space Office,

6 New Acoustical Solutions for the Workplace

Acoustic wall panels give texture and a more unusual finish to this office design.

Sound treatment for school auditoriums and media rooms. http://www.acoustimac

Restaurant Interior Design, Room Interior Design, Acoustic Wall Panels, Sound Absorption, Isolation

Top Ten: Fashion-Forward Acoustic Panels - 3rings Acustic Panels, Soundproofing Walls,

Domo Wall

First Round Offices - New York City - 1 Office Entrance, Office Lobby, Office

Window Noise Reduction with Indow Window Inserts Soundproof Windows, Window Inserts, Noise Reduction,

Maybe we could create a room divider or sculptural wall texture unit that have little shelves or storage cavities built in.


The BuzziSkin has everything it takes to make any interior sexy, at home or at work. It is available on handy, self-adhesive rolls of long and wide.