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What Crystals Do You Need Our Blog t Crystals

What Crystals Do You Need Our Blog t Crystals


Crystal Healing Guide: How to Cleanse Crystals Safely. Five methods that don't use water or salt! Click image to read the blog post.

Top 10 Protection Crystals: Which One is Best for You?

Curious about the crystal healing trend that is so popular with the celebrities? Are you skeptical but want to explore crystals and stones? Don' t miss this ...

Blog post on crystal energy

We all feel the need for focus sometimes don't we? Concentrating with so many distractions in modern living can be a challenge. Be ahead of the game and use ...

Crystal 101: Which Rocks to Buy + Where They Should Go — girl & the bay | san francisco lifestyle blog by mandana ansari

You don't want to miss out on the beautiful, calming healing properties of

The 7 best crystals to increase psychic abilities.

Learning about crystals - blog post about crystals being a tool for self care and aid

Wearing a crystal bracelet or meditating with a crystal won't suddenly make your

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If you haven't yet heard of the ancient wisdom stored with Lemurian Seed Crystal, you're missing out on a powerful way to heal and grow. Read my latest blog ...

One of the regular questions Louise and I get at The Crystal Tree is “How do you cleanse and charge your crystals?” There is no right or wrong way, ...

So, here's a shocker. I don't believe in charging crystals. In fact, I believe that if you have to charge your crystals it is an indicator that you are not ...

Selenite, fibrous Malachite, mica, and iron pyrite don't like the water. For these stones, we'd recommend an energetic cleaning using sage, palo santo, ...

Crystal group shot with product

Amy, from Buddha Blossom Jewels was kind enough to partner with me in this fanatic

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Quartz. To program your quartz crystal:

We can't believe it's March already! The beautiful gemstone Aquamarine is the March birthstone, keep an eye out for our blog on this stunning crystal!

Crystals for Harmony: If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Meditate

Skin Gym: The Crystal Facial Workout That Doesn't Require A Monthly Membership

Welcome to Our Blog - The Crystal Cabin Collective  Check out what's new at Crystal

Virgo Crystal Set - NEW

The students and graduates of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts spend a lot of their time studying, preparing for presentations, teaching, and practicing ...

All of the Arkansas Quartz crystal clusters on this page were given very minimal (read amateur quality) physical cleaning. We don't own a soda blaster, ...

Buying crystals isn't as easy as most online shopping experiences. It can be hard to tell the quality of a crystal online and which ones you're really drawn ...

Amethyst Gemstone

We are so excited to be launching a new line of fancy stones from Swarovksi Elements today, that we just can't keep them to ourselves!

Photo by Fair Winds Press

Connecting with crystals - a blog post about the science behind the metaphysical properties of crystals

Crystals In Your Home - Table Infographic


Crystals naturally grow at various angles, so don't make them perfect. You can always look at photos of geodes online for inspiration!

Vibrate higher - a blog post about crystal energy

Rocks, minerals, stones, gems, crystals - call them what you like - they are incredibly useful allies!

Ahhh, I get some sort of wacko geo-geek-high from writing these particular blog posts on “fake crystals” in my Fakes Series! Thanks for letting me indulge ...

Love Feng Shui Killers - Energy Muse


If you didn't read my last blog post on how crystal healing works, I'll just do a layman's terms. Gems and crystals come from Gaia, or Mother Earth.


What are crystals?

I often get some version of the following question in emails, PM's, etc. Since I don't have the time to individually answer these emails, I thought my blog ...

Learn how to have a natural connection with the earth - blog post about crystal metaphysical

This week is different. There's no school. FOR 10 DAYS!

Guidelines on how to Categorize Genuine Crystals.energymuse.com/blog/the- ...

Crystal D Stories: Revamping a Community Service Award

====Browse my blog and find awesome natural healing You can find silica pills and quartz crystal pills at our website. Browse through our

I Don't want Crystals, I want Pistols! Blog - October 10, 2018

Manifestation and energy healing involve working within this sea of energy to establish harmony and create positive change. That's why crystals – which ...

Natural gemstone Rhodochrosite which you can't have enough of!

How to make a crystal grid | Rogue Wood blog

Mala And Mantra on Twitter: "Up on the blog: the 4 crystals you need in your collection to call love, strength, serenity + clarity into your life ...

Selenite Cleansing Crystal - Selenite Wand

crystals.JPG. Hi - Alyssa here! And welcome to BTW! I would like to start off my first official post for the blog by saying 'thank you' for stopping by!

The Opposition Opinion – Crystal Palace (A) – “I can't lie, I'm feeling very confident..”

Looking for an affordable #blogging course from an expert blogger that doesn't make

It's been a very very very long time since I've made edits on this

Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune into the Real You. “

It emits cleansing vibrations that sooth worry from the mind and spirit. Stressing isn't good for your health, so if you find yourself constantly wound up ...

There are other ways to incorporate crystals into your life through rituals which I haven't quite got into yet, but I definitely want to start.

Why Don't We Get Enough Sulfur In Our Diet?

I believe in power of crystal healing, I didn't know much how it works but while I was writing this post I had a chance to research and learn a lot of ...

Ten Rockin' Ways to Use Crystals Outside Your Home. 1. Have a ...

ally that our lack of experience didn't mean lack of creativity or deficient competency. For our 3 year old company that objective proof came in the shape ...

But then … the person asking added this…”because they negate each other.” I do think that some crystals ...

Crystal Shapes – Their Meanings and How To Use Them


Don't forget, we've brought you lots of articles to read and here's a link to our fantastic article about Amethysts in our Blog Tab on our website ...

Man turned to the side wearing black and white striped shirt cradling Obsidian Sheen Skull in If you have decided to purchase a crystal ...

Helps support those with addictive personalities. Releases negative thoughts and irritability and sooths the mind. Relinquishes self-imposed limitations and ...

So after yesterday's Selenite post, I got a few questions about cleansing crystals, and how you do that if you don't have a selenite crystal. HAVE NO FEAR!!

READ BLOG -  Articles about crystal healing

Bismuth Crystals - 3

Cathedral Lightbrary Crystal Skulls at Temple of Alchemy

DIY Crystal Necklace Made of Hot Glue! | The Studio Blog at Adhesive Technologies. Supplies you will need:

Wedding Bath Ritual with Crystals + Flowers

Learn how to grow crystals overnight using Epsom salt! Great project for the science fair

1) What have you made of your season so far & what sort of shape do you feel you're coming into today's game? It's a huge game for both of us!

Before you give it a bath, though, make sure your stone isn't water soluble!

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A Special thanks to Amy for for partnering with me on this amazing crystal blog /

Yellow Apatite is one of the foremost stones to aid weight loss.

ERICA KMIEC, Marketing Outreach Manager for "Energy Muse", and beauty behind the blog, Soulnotion, joins the girls this week ...

Learn more about the changes on our blog. #archetypes #disc #crystalknows https://www.crystalknows.com/blog/new-the-next-step-in-personality-descriptors/ ...

Faceted Crystal Wands

It's a bit like dating on an app; the person sounds like Cupid's struck gold on their profile but when you actually meet them in-person the spark isn't ...