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Noragif001 full openframeworks programmed motion digital

Noragif001 full openframeworks programmed motion digital


Interactive systems with artificial vision: C++ openFrameworks programming workshop

NodeBox is similar to Processing and OpenFrameworks with the only major difference being the programming language used, which is Python.

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Motion Detection - openFrameworks with OpenCV

Screen shot from Matthew Gingold's registered video application developed with openFrameworks.

Interactive systems: Artificial vision and C ++ programming openFrameworks

The tool Sync enables a visual reading, identification, and interpretation of data drawn from full-body movement. Here the two visuals refer to the same ...

IanniX is a graphical open-source sequencer, based on Iannis Xenakis works, for digital art. IanniX syncs via Open Sound Control (OSC) events and curves to ...

Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists - an Online Machine Art Course at Kadenze

made in openframeworks

We are Moving


Some of you might recall Ben Bracken's article from 2016 on the installation AMYGDALA by fuse*, an Italian digital arts studio. fuse* has a new multi-media ...

Complete ...

Eliss by Steph Thirion

C, C++, C#, and Objective-C—What Are They, How Are They Related, And How Are They Used in Tech?

Getty Images interactive video installation: bringing words to life.

Interactive Wall at UD [openFrameworks, Kinect]

Graphics and granular synthesis on OpenFrameworks exercise

Programming Interactivity

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Tenth Page of Presentation, Kaleidoscope Imagery from previous installation


The small Lincoln image, scaled up large in an openFrameworks app

a black screen with a series of colourful lines intertwining moving downward

Moving first vertex of a plane

loving 0...1

GitHub - wrapper + creative coding supporting functions (based on Processing and openFrameworks)

Sifteo Cubes are a tangible, interactive game system that "get your hands and mind moving" in the tradition of Lego and building blocks.

Picture of Download and Install OpenFrameworks

Motion capture lab and software

Python - OpenFrameworks

This is my 2D animation FX Reel 2015. 【yotube 2DFX 111pack 2015】Under

Boy plays with interactive sculpture created with openFrameworks, Processing, and Arduino

Traces was built with openFrameworks and Sadam Fujioka's ofxKinectNui addon. This allowed me to use Windows Kinects (kindly donated by Microsoft) and the ...

NEW MEDIA DESIGN 2:13 pm Mladen Radic

Geometric Animations / 161111 gif openframeworks generative art geometry creative coding code design animation gif art

... platforms to a common programming interface. Also - ODC is compatible with creative coding software such as Processing, Max, and open Frameworks (oF).

11.6: Computer Vision: Motion Detection - Processing Tutorial


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"Choreographies for Humans and Stars" in action at the Montreal's Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. "

Raspberry Pi Design Contest

In the photo below you can see the OF app running on the laptop sending the gui structure to an iPad and an iPhone - both running safari, which in turn can ...

Connected Tools – Devices that mediate smartphone consumption

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Dan Hett demos live coding with Cyril at Reasons to be Creative

Created ...

Figure 5.

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The LISA Conference: Leaders in Software and Art

Tech Focus - Motion Blur: Is It Good For Gaming Graphics? Digital Foundry

Google's updated DIY Vision and Voice kits include a Raspberry Pi Zero - The Verge

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The software architecture of the Eye experiment The virtual model is a sphere in GC with


The biannual festival NODE – Forum for Digital Arts gathers designers, creative coders, digital artists and creatives of the digital media scene since 2008.

RS-232 to USB adaptor

Spectra-3 by FIELD – Choreographing a physical-digital system

Creating stop motion animation with StopGo

Introducing Functional Programming in C++


Always open

Pablo Rossello

Scenario: User finds QRCode, scans with mobile device and looks through the screen.

HDR tone mapping using Drago's algorithm


Codame 2018, The Midway, San Francisco. Exposure time 1128 seconds.


Sound Revival – Visual identity and objectification of digital sound effects

Another program enables them to use movement to manipulate sound by triggering different portions of a song, such as vocals, percussion, or keyboards.

Konrad Zuse and the origins of the modern computer – Zuse Computer Museum

Free new tools for Live 10 unlock 3D spatial audio, VR, AR - CDM Create Digital Music

As already stated, the scenic elements – exclusively composed of video and audio material – are designed to convey a sense of deep interconnection between ...

Download Demo Buy VDMX5 for $349

Participants see their own stick-figures, mirroring their movements. At the same time, they also observe the animated stick-figures of previous participants ...

Background removal using Kinect 2 (green screen effect)



Alt-C – Designing for synergy between our ecosystems and network economics

Pixar recently picked up the trick to create a physical zoetrope for their lobby. Animators there were convinced that the physical zoetrope is an ...

CANCER: Emperor of All Maladies

Homegear 110” HD Motorized 16:9 Projector Screen W/ Remote Control


Objective Realities – Becoming an object in a smart home


Web MIDI: Music and Show Control in the Browser

Moving Picture Show by Jürg Lehni and Contributors

High Scream